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Are you looking for the best dermatologist in Hurghada? Nadara Clinic provides you with the best dermatologist, laser and cosmetic surgeon in Hurghada to treat all skin-related diseases.

The best dermatologist in Hurghada

Beauty is what distinguishes Hurghada and the Red Sea, so you will find the best dermatologist in Hurghada. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you about the best dermatologist in Hurghada. In addition, we will answer the most common questions to treat skin and skin problems and diseases as well as enjoy an attractive appearance.

Who is the best dermatologist in Hurghada and the Red Sea?

What is the best dermatology clinic in Hurghada and the Red Sea?

What is the number of the best dermatologist doctor in Hurghada and the Red Sea!

Therefore, all the answers you are looking for are provided to you by (Natura Clinic), where there is the best dermatologist in Hurghada. Also, Nadara Clinic is considered the best dermatology clinic in Egypt, Hurghada and the Red Sea because of its medical team specialized in all skin diseases as well as cosmetics. .

Every human being naturally strives to achieve the best appearance. As is our goal in the freshness of Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Aesthetics in Hurghada. Therefore, we provide you with a medical team of the best dermatologists who specialize in surgical laser operations, and any other cosmetic procedures to treat skin diseases as well as to obtain an attractive appearance that is not tainted by anything.

Steps of your journey with the best dermatologist in Hurghada in the freshness of Clinic

The dermatologist will take several steps in the freshness of your clinic, and so in just days, you will reach your goal and get an attractive appearance. These steps include the following:

First: Diagnose the condition from the best dermatologist in Hurghada

Assess and diagnose your condition and accordingly determine the appropriate treatment for you and your skin. Therefore, at Nadara Clinic, we have all the possibilities for immediate intervention if the patient's health condition requires it. Also the best dermatologist.

Second: Knowing the medical history

For the best treatment and the best result, you must inform the doctor of any medical history you have. He should also be told if you have any other skin or neurological conditions and if you are taking any other medications or treatments.

Third: Necessary instructions before the medical procedure

Your dermatologist will advise you about the instructions to follow before your medical treatment.

Fourth: Answer all patient questions

The dermatologist at Tadhra Clinic will listen carefully and answer any questions you seek answers to before the medical procedure.

Fifth: Determine the earliest date for the implementation of the treatment

Determine the day to carry out the necessary medical treatment after following the medical instructions that the doctor told you as the diagnosis was made.

Sixth: Implementation of the medical procedure with the latest modern technologies

The medical procedure is carried out with the highest level of efficiency using the latest medical technology, whether it is a laser, filler injection, Botox, or a treatment for any skin disease. It is also performed by the doctor at the highest level of experience.

Seventh: local anesthesia

The necessary local anesthesia will be placed so that you do not feel any pain because the best dermatologist is the one who seeks to satisfy the patient and not feel pain.

Eighth: Instructions after the medical procedure

After the medical procedure, the dermatologist will tell you the necessary instructions to follow to reach the best satisfactory result.

Ninth: Continuous follow-up with the best dermatologist in Hurghada

In the end, the freshness of Clinic is characterized by the keenness of dermatologists and cosmetologists to follow up on the result of the medical procedure with the patient in order to obtain a healthy appearance free of impurities.

The best dermatologist in Hurghada to treat skin diseases

If you suffer from any skin diseases that hinder you from enjoying your normal life or carrying out daily activities, you do not need to worry anymore. Because Freshness Clinic provides you with the best medical staff of dermatologists in Hurghada, who are specialists as well as highly experienced to treat all skin diseases, for example:

Eczema, allergies and other skin problems. We also treat hair and fungi problems. We provide dermatology services like the following

  • Laser for the treatment of acne and scars, laser for blood birthmarks, pigmentation, melasma and pigmentation, as well as HIFU for skin tightening, cellulite treatment, facial freshness, and threads for lifting the face and neck. As well as plasma injection, mesotherapy, liposuction and body sculpting.
  • Breast care, plastic surgery, rhinoplasty, fat injection, laser eyelid tightening, as well as laser vaginal tightening. In addition to treating vitiligo, psoriasis, naruband, carbon laser, surgical, dermapen and chemical peeling.
  • Treatment of rabbit lip and skin tags, as well as genital acacia and burns. The effects of accidents, operations, bat ear, lips supply, as well as increasing the sensitivity of the female area are treated with the best dermatologists and cosmetologists in Hurghada.

The best dermatologist in Hurghada for cosmetic services

Doctors in Egypt and Hurghada perform all the necessary plastic surgeries for some cases, for example:

  • Remove traces of burns.
  • Breast augmentation.
  • Plasma injection.
  • Plasma injection for hair.
  • Botox.
  • Filler injection.
  • Liposuction.
  • Vaser liposuction.
  • beautification of the face.
  • Rhinoplasty.
  • Face lift.
  • Liposuction.
  • Abdominal tightening.
  • Format textures.
  • Breast lift.
  • Tighten the sagging abdomen, thighs or arms.
  • Fat injection.
  • Breast augmentation and reduction.
  • Neck tightening.
  • Tighten the eyelids.
  • Beautification of burns.
  • Botox for excessive sweating.
  • Mesotherapy injection.
  • sessions plasma.
  • Eczema treatment.
  • Skin allergy.
  • Use of fillers and botox.
  • Treating burns and removing their effects.
  • to Acne Treatment.
  • Get rid of psoriasis.
  • Permanently remove vitiligo.

And there are more of our services as you can learn about them from here

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Do not hesitate and contact us now and book at Ashtar a doctor to get one of the best medical services in the clinic, the best freshness clinic for dermatology, laser and cosmetology in Hurghada and the Red Sea. Stop searching now and enjoy youthful skin free of any diseases, as well as an attractive appearance that increases self-confidence. You will also be able to engage in daily activities with vigor and vitality. Find the home page of the freshness center in Hurghada at facebook  And know the patients' reviews about the freshness of Clinique, as well as the doctors in it.

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Information about the medical staff and the best dermatologist in Hurghada and the Red Sea

Who is the best dermatologist or dermatologist in Hurghada, Al Bahar and Al Ahmar?

The Clinic Freshness Center includes the best dermatologists in Egypt, Hurghada and the Red Sea in particular, and we will mention to you the best doctor in Hurghada as follows:

Dr. Amani Al Tawabti

Consultant of dermatology, laser and cosmetology.

Membership of the American Academy of Dermatology.

Membership of the European Society of Dermatology and Venereology.

Dr. Amani Al-Tawabti is the best dermatologist and plastic surgeon in Hurghada. She is also one of the pioneers in dermatology and cosmetic surgery in the Red Sea. In 2018, she established the first center for dermatology, laser and plastic surgery in Hurghada. Thus, year after year, it proved its worth in treating dermatology and cosmetics, while there was no other clinic, center or hospital that could provide cosmetic services in Hurghada. . Therefore, Dr. Amani Al-Tawabti is considered the best dermatologist and venereologist.

Advance Dr. Amani in its center treats many common skin diseases and outstanding cosmetic services, for example:

  1. vitiligo treatment
  2. Treatment of Psoriasis.
  3. eczema
  4. Get rid of alopecia.
  5. skin cancer.
  6. Pediatric dermatology.
  7. lip augmentation
Dr. Mahmoud Mubarak

Professor of plastic surgery, Faculty of Medicine.

American Board of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Body Sculpting.

Dr. Mahmoud Mubarak provides a number of distinguished services, for example:

  1. Face lift.
  2. Body sculpting.
  3. Format textures.
  4. Foam injection for varicose veins.
  5. Otoplasty.
Dr. Haitham Salah

Plastic surgery and hair transplant specialist.

Master's degree in plastic surgery, Ain Shams University.

Dr. Haitham Salah excels in many plastic surgeries such as:

  1. Vaser suction and body sculpting.
  2. Hair Transplant.
  3. Rhinoplasty.
  4. Breast augmentation.
  5. Autologous fat injection in the buttocks.
  6. Endoscopic face lift.
Dr.aya slama

Clinical and Clinical Nutritionist.

American Board of Clinical and Clinical Nutrition.

Dr. A. Salameh is distinguished in many cosmetic medical services, for example:

  1. Diets for obesity or thinness.
  2. Weight loss systems for healthy people or patients with diabetes and pressure.
  3. Children's diets.
  4. Non-surgical body sculpting and coordination.
  5. slimming sessions

In the end, we are keen at Tandra Clinic to deliver our mission and achieve our goal by helping and supporting all patients to get better health and a normal life free of skin diseases. Therefore, patients’ evaluation testifies to what distinguishes dermatologists and cosmetic services that they excel in. And you'll feel it for yourself as you experience our best in class advanced medical treatments. Therefore, you will find the best dermatologist in Hurghada and the Red Sea in Freshness Clinic.

common questions

  1. How can I book a same-day appointment with a dermatologist in Hurghada?

    Call us or Book now on WhatsApp.

  2. How long is the waiting time in the clinic?

    The waiting time does not exceed 30 minutes most of the time

  3. Can I get the necessary medical interventions at the same time as the examination?

    Yes. Most of the time the doctor can use medical devices or cosmetic interventions that only need local anesthesia on the same day.


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