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Breast augmentation in Hurghada

Are you looking for full breasts? Enjoy the best methods of plastic surgery and breast augmentation in Hurghada with the best team of doctors at Nadara Clinic.

The breast is considered one of the most important features of body harmony because it adds femininity to the body as well as makes the figure attractive. Therefore, the small size of the breast is one of the inconveniences that negatively affects self-confidence and the psychological state, so the best doctors in Nadara Center for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology in Hurghada and the Red Sea will support you in the best ways Breast augmentation surgery in Hurghada. Where Nadara Clinic seeks to obtain a larger breast size, as well as consistent with the dimensions of your body.

Choose Nadara Clinic that has the best doctors Surgery cosmetic anddermatology The best treatments and services so you can be confident in the end result of your breast augmentation. There are also cases that require breast reduction, so doctors can meet the desire of each case, whether breast reduction or enlargement, with the best methods. Enjoy a perfect body and a harmonious breast shape with the best safe modern medical methods in breast augmentation in Hurghada with the best breast plastic surgery doctor at Nadara Center.

breast augmentation results
breast augmentation results

Causes of small breast size

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There are many reasons that lead to a small breast. The doctor must evaluate the condition of the breast to find out the reason for its smallness. So, he can determine a medical method for breast augmentation. Among the most important causes of small breast size, such as:

  • hormonal disorders;
  • Imbalance of fat distribution in body parts.
  • Genetic factors.
  • Some diseases, such as Nierner syndrome, which lead to small breast size.
  • Genetic disorders due to the complete or partial loss of the X chromosome.
  • Wrong habits.
  • After stopping breastfeeding.

Factors affecting the choice of treatment for breast augmentation

  • The doctor's choice of the appropriate type of treatment depends on many factors such as:
  • The state of health, such as the incidence of other chronic diseases.
  • Age affects the body's response to treatment.
  • If the woman wants to breastfeed, as this will affect the breast again, so it is preferable to postpone it according to the patient's desire.

Instructions before breast augmentation in Hurghada

1- Choose the right place

You can perform breast augmentation in many ways in a clinic or a medical center, such as Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Cosmetology and Laser in Hurghada and the Red Sea. It has the latest equipment with and the best doctors with great experience in the field of dermatology and cosmetology. Therefore, choose Nadara Clinic to be in safe hands and with the best medical methods that suit your body.

2- The doctor's assessment of the condition

The dermatologist and plastic surgeon evaluates the condition of the breasts and the causes of sagging or their small size. Then he determines the appropriate type of treatment for breast augmentation. The doctor also determines the area from which liposuction will be performed in case of autologous fat injection.

3- Medical history

You must inform the doctor of any diseases you suffer from or any medications you are taking so that they do not affect the success of the breast augmentation procedure.

4- Carry out the necessary checks

The doctor will ask you to do some tests to find out if you are in a suitable health condition for breast augmentation by any of the methods that we will present to you now.

5- Preparations before the autologous fat injection process

  • Stop taking nutritional and herbal supplements as well as vitamins.
  • Do not take medicines containing aspirin or ibuprofen which causes the blood to dilute and increase its fluidity, which affects the procedure and can lead to serious impairments.
  • Avoid applying any topical breast exfoliating creams.
  • Stop smoking because of its negative effects on the speed of recovery.
  • You can take a shower before going to a beauty center in Hurghada for breast augmentation.

Ways to increase breast size in Hurghada

Breast augmentation
Breast augmentation

First: Breast augmentation with autologous fat injection

Autologous fat injection for breast augmentation and beautification is one of the most common procedures, as it eliminates the need for cosmetic surgery and its risks. Therefore, many women resort to it because of its effective results in breast augmentation in Hurghada.

How does autologous fat injection work?

This technique is called “natural breast augmentation”. Because it depends on choosing the places of local fat in the body andliposuction In different ways, then processed to feed her, and finally injected into the breasts. Localized fat is most often concentrated in the abdomen, buttocks or buttocks. In this way, small breasts are treated in a safe way.

Advantages of breast augmentation with fat

  • Fat injection is a safe procedure.
  • No scars.
  • Get a natural result.
  • The texture of the breast is similar to the rest of the body's tissues.
  • Redistribution of body fat for a more consistent shape.
  • The absence of risks such as cosmetic surgery.
  • Breast augmentation and beautification of the appropriate size.
  • No sensitivity because the fat used is autologous fat from the same body.
  • Breast sagging treatment.
  • Not using silicone.
  • Effective injection and satisfactory result.
  • It gives permanent results as it dissolves in very small amounts over time.
  • You can freeze the excess fat from the breast and re-inject it within three months into the breast or another place.

Autologous fat injection steps

Breast augmentation by self-fat injection
Breast augmentation by self-fat injection
  1. Cleaning and sterilizing the donor area from which fat will be withdrawn, as well as sterilizing the breast area.
  2. The anesthesiologist numbs the two areas, and the type of anesthesia depends on the method used to liposuction from the donor area. The method used for liposuction depends on the volume of fat that the breast needs as well as the location of the donor area in the body.
  3. The surgeon performs liposuction from the donor area, where he make a small incision and insert a very small tube, so that it does not appear. Moreover, in Freshness Center, there are many modern methods of liposuction such as vaser, G-plasma and laser.
  4. One of the most important steps for breast augmentation with autologous fat is to process these fats and nourish them more.
  5. The dermatologist uses a syringe to inject the right amount of autologous fat into the breast. The doctor also estimates the amount of fat that can melt with time and increases it from the beginning so as not to compensate for this melting later.
  6. The doctor at the freshness center in Hurghada will schedule an appointment to follow up on the result and the stage of recovery.

Side effects of breast augmentation with fat

You will feel some side effects, but by following the doctor's instructions and prescriptions, these side effects will go away within a few days. These include effects such as:

  • Swelling and bruising around the incisions.
  • Feeling of pain in the breasts.

When do the results of breast augmentation appear after breast augmentation with autologous fat?

Swelling, bruising and other side effects disappear within a maximum of a week, while the initial result appears after 14 days. But the final result appears after the fat has settled, and this is after a number of three months.

How long does the result of breast augmentation with self-fat last?

Autologous fat injection is one of the permanent breast augmentation methods as it melts a little of the autologous fat over the ages depending on your activities.

Second: Breast augmentation with fillers

Filler injection technique is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures due to its efficiency and impressive result. Therefore, doctors at Nadara Clinic in Egypt use filler injections to increase the size of the breasts.

How does breast augmentation with fillers work?

The filler injection to fill the small breast with a substance called hyaluronic acid     as doctors extracted it from the human body, which makes it safe in breast plastic surgery. Doctor choose it in different concentrations commensurate with the extent of the breast’s smallness and the need to fill it, as well as there is an elasticity coefficient.

Benefits of breast injections with hyaluronic fillers

  • Get instant results.
  • No need for surgical intervention and risk.
  • Stimulates collagen secretion to renew skin cells and increase its freshness.
  • Adds flexibility to body tissues.
  • Increase breast size naturally.
  • Speed recovery after breast augmentation with fillers and return to normal activity.

Filler injection steps for breast augmentation

  1. Clean and sterilize the breasts well before the injection.
  2. The doctor gives local anesthesia to the breasts and waits until the anesthesia takes effect.
  3. The doctor determines the amount needed to enlarge the breast to the appropriate size.
  4. The dermatologist at Nadara Clinic in Hurghada performs filler injections to gradually enlarge the breasts.
  5. The doctor will tell you the date of the follow-up after a week to assess the condition of the breast as well as the speed of recovery.

Side effects after filler injection

You will suffer from some temporary side effects that will go away with time and by following the doctor's instructions at Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Aesthetics in Hurghada.

  • Some bruises appear.
  • Swelling of the injected area of the breasts.
  • Little redness of the breast.

When will the result of filler injections for breast augmentation appear?

Usually, the results of breast augmentation and plastic surgery with fillers appear immediately, but they are accompanied by temporary side effects such as swelling and bruising. But within a week of the injection, such effects disappear, and the impressive result of the injection appears, and you enjoy a harmonious body.

How long does the result of breast augmentation with filler injections last ?

The result of the filler injection to the breasts may last for twelve months, and following the doctor’s instructions and follow-up may last for a longer period.

Third: Breast augmentation with Botox

Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments around the world to treat many skin imperfections. It has also been proven effective in lifting and beautifying the breast, which leads to its appearance in a full and harmonious form.

How does Botox breast lift and augmentation work?

The technique of breast lift and augmentation is adopted by Botox injections on material “Botulinium Toxin “It is a substance extracted from poisonous bacteria, but the useful part is extracted from it. When this substance is injected into the small muscle of the chest, this helps to relax the shoulder back, which raises the breast up and gives it a natural appearance. Therefore, it is a temporary treatment for small or saggy breasts that works to tighten the skin.

Advantages of Botox injections for the purpose of breast augmentation in Hurghada

  • Results appear immediately.
  • Safe and effective treatment.
  • No need for surgical intervention and its risks.
  • Botox injections will not leave scars.
  • Rapid recovery period and return to normal life.
  • Not feeling pain.
  • Breast sagging treatment.
  • Lift the breasts in a more youthful way.

Breast augmentation with Botox injections

  1. The dermatologist will disinfect and clean the area that will be injected.
  2. The anesthesiologist applies a topical cream to numb the area and waits for it to take effect.
  3. The doctor uses a fine needle to reach the muscle and inject it.
  4. Your doctor will make an appointment with you to follow up on the results.

Temporary side effects after Botox injections for breast lift and enlargement

  • You will feel some temporary side effects that will go away quickly by following the doctor's instructions. These symptoms are like:
  • Bruising and swelling of the injected area.
  • A slight pain that you can tolerate or take the painkillers prescribed by the doctor.
  • Infection with influenza-like symptoms.
  • Stomach upsets.

When does the result of Botox injections appear for breast augmentation?

As we mentioned before, the results of Botox injections are immediate and appear quickly after the injection, as the shoulder muscle that affects the chest muscle is relaxed, which helps to raise the breast muscle up and as a result, the breast size appears larger.

How long does the result of breast augmentation with Botox injections last in Hurghada?

The result of Botox injections to lift the breasts may last for four to five months.

Fourth: Enlargement of the breast size with silicone

Silicone breast augmentation
Silicone breast augmentation

Silicone breast augmentation is one of the oldest breast augmentation surgeries, as it began to be used in the seventies, but of course with the development in the field of health. Therefore, there has been a great development in silicone breast augmentation surgery, as well as the emergence of many other methods aimed at breast augmentation in Hurghada, which we previously mentioned. However, silicone implants of various types are still used today.

How does breast augmentation with silicone implants work?

Silicone breast augmentation technology depends on placing two layers of silicone, one under the muscle and the other above the muscle tissue and below the breast tissue. This is one of the most advanced silicone implants that gives a fuller look to the breasts as well as a 3D system.

The best types of silicone implants

Immediate result of silicone breast augmentation
Immediate result of silicone breast augmentation

Due to the development in the field of medicine and health. Different types of silicone implants have appeared that are used in breast augmentation surgery, such as:

1- Silicone gel

It is a highly sticky filling and is distinguished by its retaining its shape. It will last for life, even if it does break off its crust, it will not unravel. There are also different types of density and composition

2- Saline solution

This type is used on a limited scale for some cases, but it is also widespread throughout the world. It shows the breast is full. However its shape changes, so the breast must be refilled with saline after short periods.

3- Hydrogel

It is the latest material used in silicone implants. It is widely used and you can choose the right size for you.

The steps of silicone breast augmentation surgery

  1. The doctor determines the size of the silicone implants that are suitable for the size of the breast to enlarge it.
  2. The breasts are cleaned and sterilized before the implants are implanted.
  3. The anesthesiologist performs general anesthesia for the patient.
  4. The surgeon at Nadara Clinic makes an incision in invisible places such as the underarm, below the gland tissue.
  5. Silicone implants are inserted through this incision.
  6. The surgeon will stitch up the incision area cosmetically and place dressings on it.
  7. The patient remains in the center until he is awakened.
  8. An appointment is scheduled after two weeks to remove the stitches and follow up on the results.
Breast augmentation and breast augmentation with silicone implants
Breast augmentation and breast augmentation with silicone implants

Temporary side effects after silicone breast augmentation surgery

Of course, after breast augmentation, you will feel many side effects as a result of a cosmetic surgical breast augmentation. These include effects such as:

  • Swollen breasts.
  • Feeling of pain in the breast.
  • Slight redness.
  • Minor sensory disturbance in the breast area.

Instructions after silicone breast augmentation surgery in Hurghada

  • Avoid violent activities.
  • Avoid bending over so that the strains do not increase swelling or bleeding.
  • Do not lift heavy objects.
  • No pressure on the breasts.
  • Get used to lying on your back.
  • You can remove the bandages two days after the operation.
  • Wear a supportive bra for several weeks to reduce swelling in the first weeks.

When will the result of breast augmentation with implants appear in Hurghada?

It takes an average of four to six weeks for the results to appear until the implants are stable.

How long will the result of silicone breast augmentation last in Hurghada?

The result of breast augmentation and breast augmentation with silicone lasts for 15 to 20 years. It is one of the most common ways to treat small breasts.

Instructions after breast augmentation in Hurghada

  1. Apply ice packs to reduce swelling.
  2. Take the painkillers for the first three days.
  3. Drink adequate amounts of water.
  4. Avoid doing exercises and violent sports activities during the first four days.
  5. Don't pressing or sleeping on the breasts so as not to affect the efficiency of the operation.
  6. Avoid exposure to warm water and heat to the breasts.
  7. Never massage the breast.
  8. Reduce the salt in your food to help reduce swelling.
Silicon breast augmentation surgery in Hurghada
Silicon breast augmentation surgery in Hurghada

Symptoms that require going to the doctor immediately after breast augmentation surgery

  • Breathing difficulties.
  • High temperature.
  • The appearance of lumps in the breast.
  • Some infections.
  • Redness and swelling of the breast.
  • The appearance of secretions from the injection site.
  • The appearance of unbearable pain in the breast.

Who are not candidates for breast augmentation operations in Hurghada?

There are some cases in which breast augmentation should not be done by any of the previous methods, so as not to cause any complications, such as:

  1. Pregnant women.
  2. Lactating women.
  3. Immune system patients.
  4. Diabetics.
  5. Patients with coronary artery disease.

Tips to maintain breast size

  1. Avoid sleeping on the chest.
  2. Include in your daily routine a breast massage session.
  3. Apply a moisturizing breast cream.
  4. Take a shower with warm and then cool water.
  5. Choose the right bra.
  6. Keep sitting or standing with the back straight.
  7. Exercise.

In conclusion, you do not need to worry anymore if you are bothered by the size of your breast and feel ashamed because there are many safe methods, whether surgical or non-surgical. All of this is available in one place Nadara Clinic for dermatology, laser and cosmetology in Hurghada and the Red Sea. You can also coordinate your entire body with liposuction and body coordination or four-dimensional body sculpting, Breast augmentation and reduction.

You can also take advantage of Medical and cosmetic services like a cure melasma, freckles, pigmentation, vitiligo, psoriasis and also effects of acne Rhinoplasty. In addition to treating hair problems from hair regrowth, treatment oily dandruff, lengthening hair and hair transplantation. Get another version of you with the standards you are looking for and enjoy a slim body and a breast size that is consistent with your body.


  1. How can I book an appointment for breast augmentation?

    You can contact us or send WhatsApp And book as soon as possible with the best experienced doctors in the field of breast augmentation with the latest safe medical methods and means at Nadara Dermatology Center in Hurghada.

  2. How much does silicone breast augmentation cost?

    The cost of silicone breast augmentation is about 50,000 pounds.

  3. When does the result of breast augmentation appear with fat injection?

    The initial result appears after 14 days, but the final result appears after the fat has settled, and this is after three months.

  4. How long does silicone breast implants last?

    Silicone lasts, following the advice of the doctor, for a period ranging from 15 to 20 years, depending on each case.

  5. Do women lose feeling after breast augmentation?

    The woman will lose the sensation of the nipple only for a short period, but after months she will return to normal.

  6. What is the age at which breast growth stops?

    Breast development often stops around the age of 18 and may continue to grow into the early twenties. But you do not need to worry if it does not grow in the way you want, as there are many ways to enlarge the breast.

  7. Fat injection is it permanent?

    The duration of the fat injection depends on the condition of each body and the activity it performs, as well as the amount of fat that the body absorbs over the years. But often it is permanent in most cases.

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