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excimer laser

Excimer laser device is a laser that emits special rays that stimulate and activate skin cells and cause the external changes necessary for the required treatment. These changes occur without the laser beam penetrating the rest of the body.

The idea of the device is to use UV-B light of 308 wavelengths to target the desired area. Treatment using only light (light therapy) is painless and requires some sessions between 2 to 20 sessions, during a period of three months, depending on the case, from one to three seconds per session and the results for each session begin to appear gradually after each session.

Features of the excimer laser

  • Excimeric radiation is an excellent, fast, safe and reliable treatment option.
  • These rays can be used for treatment during pregnancy and lactation, and since their absorption is limited to the outer layers of the skin, they do not cause fetal abnormalities or other symptoms.
  • Excimer rays can be treated if other medical conditions are present and are suitable for all patients, regardless of whether they have chronic medical conditions such as heart disease, kidney disease, stress, diabetes, etc. They are diseases that increase due to exposure to ultraviolet rays.

The features of the device can be summarized as follows:

1- The patient does not need to expose the whole body to treatment such as the Naroband device
2- It does not darken the skin like the Naroband device
3- Excimer laser treatment does not require prior vision or laboratory tests for blood and liver functions.
2- According to recent research, the treatment time is shortened when using the Excimer device to treat vitiligo and psoriasis patients compared to the Naroband device.
3- Treatment with chemer is safe and reliable during pregnancy and lactation

Diseases treated by excimer laser

1- vitiligo.

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease of unknown etiology and is considered an autoimmune disease that affects 0.5% - 2% of the world's population. The disease is characterized by a lack of skin pigment in certain parts of the body as a result of a decrease in the number of melanocytes that secrete melanin. Like other immune diseases, the causes of vitiligo are still unknown, and the challenge is how to treat vitiligo, because treatment depends mainly on the type of vitiligo and its location in the body, but what about treating vitiligo with excimer laser?

Vitiligo laser treatment

Laser treatment of vitiligo is one of the most popular treatment methods these days, which uses laser light to irradiate stable sites and a few spots of vitiligo.

Laser therapy is an effective and safe way to treat vitiligo. Vitiligo laser treatment requires extended sessions, twice a week, once per session, with an average number of sessions of 24-48 sessions.

Notably, twice-weekly laser treatment of vitiligo with twice-daily ointment containing the active ingredient tacrolimus has been shown to be more effective in treating vitiligo than patients who received laser treatment alone.

However, feel free to ask your doctor about the effectiveness of laser treatment for vitiligo, especially when using multiple treatments at the same time.

The most important information about vitiligo laser treatment
  • A laser is used to restore lost color to the skin.
  • The patient can sit in a light box to prevent the vitiligo from spreading to multiple areas.
  • The laser is applied topically to treat small areas of vitiligo.
  • The laser is effective in treating spots on the face, while those on the hands and feet are less effective.
  • Treatment results may disappear, as it appears that 44% of people will disappear after 1 year of stopping treatment, and 86% will relapse 4 years after stopping treatment.
  • Patients must adhere to the session dates to benefit from the treatment.
  • Laser treatment can be combined with cortisone-containing preparations to achieve better results.
Side effects of vitiligo laser treatment

There are several side effects that can be experienced during the treatment of vitiligo with a laser, but most of these symptoms are accidental and treatable, as there are no serious side effects associated with laser treatment.

  • skin redness.
  • skin burns;
  • Bubbles appear on the skin.
  • Itch.
  • Hyperpigmentation, such that the skin color becomes dark compared to the rest of the body.

2- Psoriasis.

3- The fox.

The duration of treatment varies according to the disease and generally varies from person to person

Excimer treatment recommendations

  • The duration of treatment for psoriasis is about two months, and the duration of treatment for vitiligo is about four months, at a rate of 3 times a week, except for what the doctor decides
  • Treatment begins with a small dose and is gradually increased. If there is redness in one of the areas, you should tell your doctor so that the dose can be adjusted for you
  • In case of skipping a week of classes, the dose is reduced by a quarter.
  • Treat reddened areas with the doctor's choice of an anti-inflammatory cream
  • The improvement begins with brown spots on the hair follicles and then gradually enlarges to cover the area.
  • If there is no improvement after two months from the start of the course, treatment is stopped
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