Nadara Clinic
Your beauty is our priority

Your beauty is our priority
in the red sea

The center is located in Hurghada. Especially as it includes a medical staff of the best qualified doctors with the highest degrees of specialization in cosmetic medicine in Egypt and the Middle East, which guarantees you access to the ideal in the services you desire.

laser treatments
laser treatments

The most problem that women worry about is excess hair, but with the freshness of Clinic, enjoy unparalleled smoothness, as we provide the latest hair removal techniques for all by the hands of our most skilled doctors in a few sessions, now get rid of coarse hair and hair under the skin without leaving any traces or pills. Enjoy now the best offers For hair removal treatments, sagging skin, facial skin tightening, and all laser skin problems.


Nadara Clinic is the best specialized center for skin treatments. Managed by the best dermatologists and cosmetologists in Egypt, we provide treatments for vitiligo, melasma, freckles, acne and its effects, deep pigmentation, scars and various skin diseases in the fastest time and with simple sessions. 

Skin care
Skin care

Because a great look starts with your skin.... Enjoy the softness and texture of children's skin with a freshness center for dermatology, laser and beauty in Hurghada. Best offers for laser hair removal, peeling and lightening sessions for the face and dark places, removing dark circles, pimples, and open pores. With a freshness center.. Always live with vitality and freshness.


And because your health is part of our priorities, the Freshness Center will provide you with the best international nutrition specialists. We will help you lose or gain weight to get the ideal weight with the latest international devices and technologies. We can also treat malnutrition, anemia and anemia and provide advice from specialized nutrition experts and a large amount of Skill and professionalism.

General Surgery

 Your health is safe with Freshness Center. We have performed hundreds of successful operations for various patients in clinics and operating rooms equipped around the clock with the latest equipment and the most skilled surgeons. We have helped thousands of patients restore their safety and smile with the best general surgery center in the Red Sea.

hair care

Your hair is your crown, and because we care about everything that makes you happy, we have provided you with the best treatments for damaged hair, hair transplant operations, treatment of alopecia and alopecia, re-growth of burns, filling voids and restoring density and strength to your hair after birth with the latest methods and techniques used globally and under the supervision of the most skilled doctors of the Red Sea.

Formatting and sculpting textures

Nadara Clinic provides you with international experts in the world of cosmetics and body sculpting, book your place now and get back in shape. Because your beauty is our priority. We help you sculpt your body, inject micro-fat, enlarge or reduce the breast, remove the postpartum belly, liposuction of the abdomen, chest and various parts of the body, treatment of gynecomastia and other surgical and non-surgical interventions with the latest body coordination devices.

plastic surgery

Restore your youth and brilliance with a freshness center. We perform rhinoplasty, ear and chin plastic surgeries, wrinkle tightening, filler and botox injections, cleft lip operations for children, bat ear removal and everything related to surgical cosmetic.

Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology in Hurghada Dr. Amani Al-Tawabti

Rejuvenation center for dermatology, laser and cosmetology in Hurghada

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A truly masterpiece and special place, we are very hostile, and every little bit they make sweet offers and beautiful gifts ♥️ Thank you very much

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