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Autologous fat injection in Hurghada

Enjoy the ideal body and a face free of hollows and dark circles with an Autologous fat injection at Nadara Clinic in Hurghada.

Do you dream of a harmonious body and an attractive full face? Your dream will come true with Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology in Hurghada and the Red Sea, as it provides you with self-fat injection in Hurghada to enjoy an attractive body and a face free from dark circles and other benefits that we will tell you about in this article.

Self-fat injection is considered one of the most successful and safe cosmetic procedures, as its use has spread all over the world due to its unparalleled advantages and benefits. In addition, Nadara Clinic in Hurghada is characterized by the presence the best surgeon as well as the best integrated medical team, equipped with the latest medical devices and technologies. Enjoy an actress-like body and a younger, fresher face.

4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 512 reviews)

What is autologous fat injection?

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Autologous fat injection is called “fat transfer”, “autologous fat transplant” or “micro-fat injection”. It is a surgical cosmetic procedure in which quantities of live fat cells are withdrawn from a specific area of the body, such as abdominal fat or buttock fat, then it is treated and purified, and then the fat is injected into the same body in the sunken areas of the face, under the eye or areas that need To fat to enlarge its size and improve its appearance, such as the chest or buttocks.

The fat injection is done under local anaesthesia. It is usually done with other cosmetic surgeries such as Botox Or liposuction in areas with local obesity. This is what is provided by Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic in Hurghada and the Red Sea in order to get rid of thinness in some areas of your body or to highlight the features of your face naturally more youthful.

Is autologous fat injection safe?

The use of fat from the patient’s own body, filtering, and purification, then injecting it into another area of the same body. It is one of the safest techniques of aesthetic medicine. So, it has achieved great success and spread all over the world. The surgeon at Nadara Clinic in Hurghada will tell you more and answer all your questions.

Advantages of autologous fat injection

Autologous fat transfer has spread all over the world because of its advantages over other cosmetic procedures such as filler injections and Botox. Among the most important of these features are:

  1. Autologous fat transfer is a safe process by choosing an experienced plastic surgeon. Besides a reputable medical clinic equipped with the latest medical equipment such as Nadara Clinic in Hurghada.
  2. The results of autologous fat injection or autologous fat transfer are permanent as the fat does not melt over time except in certain amounts.
  3. Low cost of autologous fat transfer compared to filler injections.
  4. It does not cause allergy or immune rejection because it is taken from the same body.
  5. It is not a major surgical intervention.
  6. This fat can be frozen for re-injection after a maximum period of 3 months from the time of its withdrawal from the body.
  7. Obtaining a larger size as a result of the autologous fat injection process in large areas such as the breast and buttocks, and is not possible with. filler injections.
  8. It gives a natural look and feels similar to natural body tissue.

The autologous fat injection uses

  • Improve the shape of areas of the body.
  • Aesthetically redistributing fat cells in the body.
  • Improve the appearance under the eyes.
  • Compensation for losing some areas of the body to its weight or thinness.
  • Increase the size of the chest.
  • Increase the size of the buttocks.
  • Buttock augmentation.
  • Vaginoplasty.
  • Filling gaps or hollows in the face for cosmetic surgery.
  • Rejuvenation and freshness of the skin.
  • It hides skin pigmentation such as in dark circles.

Autologous fat injection sites in the body

Autologous fat can be injected into all parts of the body that need to improve appearance or fullness, as well as increase volume and compensate for weight loss. Among the most important of these areas are:

Cheek fat injection
Cheek fat injection

First: Autologous fat injection in the face

It is one of the most common uses of Autologous fat injection due to its effectiveness. The process of Autologous fat injection helps in treating many skin and face problems. Therefore, it has proven successful in the face, as it helps to:

  • Skin rejuvenation.
  • Hiding wrinkles around the nose.
  • Remove dark circles.
  • Remove forehead wrinkles.
  • Getting rid of smile lines around the mouth and nose.
  • Remove acne scars.
  • Treatment of thin cheeks and fat atrophy.

Second: Autologous fat injection around the eye

The eye is the language of communication, and it is the first thing to be seen. Therefore, it must be treated for many problems that appear in a non-youthful or stressful appearance. Dark circles are one of the most common problems that many people face, especially women, because they affect the appearance of the entire face.

Halos may appear as shadows, capillaries, or sagging and puffiness under the eyes. What causes disturbance from it because of its effect on the appearance of the entire face, as it gives a feeling of fatigue, exhaustion and old age. Therefore, self-fat injection has proven highly effective in treating dark circles in a short time, not like other treatments that take a lot of time and effort.

Third: Autologous fat injection into the breast

The use of silicone in breast augmentation has become very popular, but after the dangers surrounding it, such as the lack of stability of the silicone in its place or the possibility of breast cancer. Many women have become avoiding silicone, but the effectiveness and efficiency of breast self-fat injection has been shown without the great risks of silicone. Where it has become one of the best uses of self-fat injection is to enlarge the breast and improve its size.

Fourth: Autologous fat injection to the buttocks

Autologous fat injection in the buttocks and buttocks is a successful procedure that has no risks like other methods. As the fat has been extracted from the body itself from other areas such as the abdomen. Therefore, fat injections to lift the buttocks were widely spread. But then you must follow the instructions that the plastic surgeon will tell you at Nadara Clinic in Hurghada and the Red Sea, where you should not sit on the buttocks for up to 6 weeks at most.

Fifth: Autologous fat injection for the legs

Autologous fat injection into the hock in Hurghada
Autologous fat injection into the hock in Hurghada

The legs area is one of the areas that highlight the slender body, and its thinness greatly disturbs the woman’s appearance, which affects self-confidence and psychological state. Therefore, the best solution to this problem is the injection of autologous fat in the legs below the knees as well as the hock area. Therefore, many women resort to injecting the legs and the hock area specifically to highlight the beauty of the legs in a consistent manner.

How to extract autologous fat

As we mentioned, the autologous fat injection procedure initially requires the extraction of fat from the same body, and this is done through several steps:

  1. The surgeon at Nadara Clinic in Hurghada determines the area from which the fat will be extracted. These are the areas of local obesity, such as those in the buttocks, thighs, abdomen, sides, buttocks, thighs, arms, back, chest, and others.
  2. Making a small incision that does not exceed half a centimeter and inserting thin tubes through which the living fat cells are suctioned.
  3. Doctors filter and purify the fat aseptically
  4. The doctors may add some substances to increase the vitality of autologous fat injection and increase its efficiency.
  5. Quantities of autologous fat are kept frozen so as not to be damaged and can be used within only three months from the date of its withdrawal.

How many sessions does the patient need for autologous fat injection?

The doctor determines the number of the sessions based on the size of the area to be injected. As well as the body's response to fat cells and the possibility of living in a good area. It often needs one to two sessions only.

What is the duration of the autologous fat injection procedure in Hurghada?

The process of autologous fat transfer in Hurghada may take half an hour to an hour, depending on the area and the number of areas that need to improve its appearance in the body.

Instructions before autologous fat injection in Hurghada

Choosing the right place for autologous fat injection

You should choose a plastic surgeon with experience and competence in fat injection and plastic surgery, as well as an equipped hospital or clinic. All this is available in one place, which is Nadara Clinic for dermatology, laser and cosmetology in Hurghada and the Red Sea, where there are the latest technologies and the best highly qualified team of doctors.

Doctor's assessment of the condition

The plastic surgeon at Nadara Clinic in Hurghada must evaluate the patient’s condition and determine the area from which he will perform liposuction for injection in other areas. As well as determining the method of suction, whether it is by normal or laser methods.

The medical history

This is one of the most important instructions that you must follow, which is to tell the doctor about your medical history and any medications or treatments you are taking. This is to avoid any possible damage or complications and overlaps in the treatment and operation.

Perform the necessary checks

Conducting the necessary tests to ensure that there are no other diseases such as blood pressure, sugar and blood fluidity.

Preparations before the autologous fat injection procedure

  • Do not take blood thinners that contain aspirin or ibuprofen so as not to occur in the blood during the autologous fat injection procedure.
  • Stop taking vitamins such as vitamin E as well as herbal supplements so as not to interfere with the autologous fat injection procedure.
  • Avoid exposure to sunburn or sunlight for long periods before the operation, especially if the injection of autologous fat is in the face.
  • Avoid applying cosmetics and skin care products.
  • Take the medicines prescribed by the doctor, such as antibiotics.
  • Stop smoking about a month before the operation because it affects the speed of recovery.
  • You can shower before going for the autologous fat injection procedure at Nadara Clinic in Hurghada.

Steps for autologous fat injection in Hurghada

First: cleaning and sterilization

 The doctor cleans the area to be liposuction, as well as the area that will be injected with autologous fat and sterilizes it well.

Second: Anesthesia

The anesthesiologist chooses the appropriate type of anesthesia for each case. The type of anesthesia depends on the size of the area and the autologous fat. Therefore, The doctor often uses general anesthesia in non-simple cases, while local anesthesia in the procedure of fat injection in the face.

Third: liposuction from the same body

The surgeon performs liposuction, where the fat is withdrawn through a small incision, about half a centimeter, through a tube inserted through the incision. It suctions the excess and accumulated fat from areas of local obesity such as the abdomen or buttocks.

Fourth: fat treatment

The doctor filters and purifies the fats besides adding some materials to the live fat cells to make them more efficient.

Fifth: Autologous fat injection in the area

The surgeon injects the autologous fat with a special syringe into the areas to increase it to the appropriate size.

Sixth: Follow up with the doctor

The surgeon will give you an appointment to follow up on the result of the operation, the recovery stage, and whether you need to inject autologous fat again to reach the appropriate size or not.

Temporary side effects after fat injection in Hurghada

Like any plastic surgery, you will feel some side effects for a temporary period, but it will only last for two weeks, and you must follow the doctor's instructions until these symptoms end quickly. These effects include:

  • Swelling of the area .
  • Bruising
  • Minor pain.
  • A sensation of numbness in some areas.

Instructions after autologous fat injection in Hurghada

You must adhere to following the instructions of the plastic surgeon at Nadara Clinic, the best dermatology, laser and cosmetic clinic in Hurghada and the Red Sea. The doctor will tell you the following instructions to avoid any complications and to maintain the result of the operation. Among the most important of these instructions are the following:

  • Don't place straps on the area.
  • Avoid lying on the injected area.
  • Do not massage or apply pressure to the area.
  • Avoid heat such as a hot bath or sauna.
  • No exposure to sunlight.
  • Follow an appropriate diet to maintain a stable weight.

Instructions to reduce the side effects of fat transfer in Hurghada

  • You can apply ice packs for a week to reduce swelling and provide relief.
  • Drink enough fluids.
  • Take painkillers prescribed by the doctor in case of pain.
  • Stay away from physical exertion and sports.
  • Do not take salt until the swelling decreases.
  • Lift the head up using a pillow.

When will the result of autologous fat injection appear in Hurghada?

The result may appear after the disappearance of swelling and bruising, where the bruising will disappear within a week, while the swelling will disappear gradually within two weeks, but the final result appears in a period of 3 to 6 months.

Symptoms that should be referred to the doctor immediately when feeling them

You should see a doctor immediately if any of the following symptoms occur:

  • Bleeding from the surgical incision.
  • Feeling unbearable pain.
  • A sensation of numbness for a long time.
  • Feeling nauseous
  • Feeling short of breath.
  • The appearance of secretions from the wound.

Who are not candidates for autologous fat injection?

There are some cases that are not candidates for autologous fat injection so that complications do not occur. These cases include:

  • Pregnant women.
  • Lactating women.
  • Those with a weakened immune system.
  • Diabetics.
  • People with coronary artery disease or blood flow restriction diseases.

Prices of autologous fat injection in Hurghada

autologous fat injection prices, as we mentioned, are less expensive than other methods, besides being more efficient and safe. The prices of autologous fat injections in Egypt depend on several factors, the most important of which are:

  • The size of the area.
  • The amount of fat used in the injection.
  • The number of autologous fat transfer sessions.
  • The type of anesthesia is total or partial.
  • Experience of a plastic surgeon.
  • The location of the clinic and its efficiency.

In conclusion, do not hesitate to contact Nadara Clinic if you want to obtain any other information or have any inquiries or questions about the autologous fat injection. You can also enjoy skin free of skin diseases such as Acne, vitiligo, psoriasis, pigmentation, freckles, unification of skin color andAutologous fat injection Where there is the best dermatologist in Hurghada At Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology in Hurghada.

In addition to combating the signs of aging and wrinklesSkin tag removal And also the latest technology to remove acne, scars and burns with a laser Laser hair removal and sessions Fractional laser. Not only that but you can make 4D body sculpting And liposuction in different ways as well as breast augmentation and Rhinoplasty and Hair Transplant. Enjoy many various Aesthetic and therapeutic services. at Nadara Clinic in Hurghada to get the perfect body and younger skin with the best doctors.


  1. How can I book an appointment for an autologous fat injection?

    You can contact us or send WhatsApp And book your appointment as soon as possible with the best plastic surgeon in Hurghada at Nadara Clinic for dermatology, laser and cosmetology.

  2. Symptoms after fat injection?

    The most noticeable symptom after the fat transfer in Hurghada is the tumor, where the place where the fat was injected swells, as well as the place where it was done liposuction from the same body, as well as appear after bruises in these areas, but they disappears within two weeks.

  3. When does the swelling go away after the autologous fat injection?

    The bruises will disappear within a maximum period of a week, while the swelling will take about 2 to 3 weeks to disappear, whether in the area from which the fat was removed or the area where the fat was injected.

  4. How many sessions do I need to inject autologous fat into the face?

    The number of sessions depends on the doctor’s review of the condition, the area injected, and whether some fat has been absorbed from the body. It also depends on the area of the area to be increased in size.

  5. How long does the autologous fat disappear after it?

     The most important advantage of self-fat is that it is permanent. A small percentage of it may melt, but it remains permanent compared to other types of filling.

  6. Does fat melt after being injected?

    Fat does not melt and does not disappear with time, but it may decrease in size when body weight decreases and increase in size when body weight increases.

  7. Does fat injection cause cancer?

    Autologous fat injection does not cause cancer, even in the breast area does not cause breast cancer.

  8. When does the fat settle after the injection?

    The fat settles after the injection in a period of 6 weeks, where the bruising and swelling have disappeared and the body has absorbed some of this fat as little as possible. While the blood vessels supply the remaining fat with nutrition.

  9. Is autologous fat injection in the buttocks permanent?

    The result of fat injection is permanent, but it depends on several factors, the most important of which is the area that is being increased in size, and the buttock area is subjected to permanent pressure as a result of sitting. In some cases, it may last for three years, while in other cases, it may last for five years.

  10. When can I sleep on the back after a butt injection?

    After the autologous fat transfer, you must adhere to the instructions of the surgeon at Nadara Clinic in Hurghada to reach the best result. Where you should avoid sitting on the back for a period of two to eight weeks.

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