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Botox injections in Hurghada

Enjoy more youthful and fresh skin with Botox injections in Hurghada for the face, wrinkles, excessive sweating and others with the best dermatologist in Hurghada at Nadara clinic.

Beauty is the key to hearts, so all women strive to achieve the most wonderful features of beauty, and here Botox injections in Hurghada have become the secret of beauty today. Nadara Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic Center in Hurghada and the Red Sea offers you the opportunity to enjoy fresh skin and an attractive appearance with Dr. Amani Al-Tawabti, a leader in this field. The Nadahara Center includes the best Botox and filler injection doctors in Hurghada and the Red Sea. As well as an integrated medical team keen to treat all patients’ problems.

Therefore, Botox injections are considered the best effective treatment for concealing signs of aging and aging, as well as tightening the skin. The use of Botox needles is not limited to wrinkles, but Botox is also used in other treatments. It includes treating cases of severe sweating in women and men with Botox injections. It is also used for migraines, as well as treating teeth grinding with Botox injections. However, you must choose a Botox injection doctor with practical experience, skill, and accredited certificates. In order to achieve the best satisfactory results. Nadahara Clinic provides you with the best Botox injection doctor in the Red Sea.

4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 545 reviews)

What is Botox injection?

Results of Botox injections in Hurghada before and after
Results of Botox injections in Hurghada before and after

Botox is an abbreviation of the word “botulinum toxin”    It is a protein substance extracted from a toxic bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. In the past, this bacteria caused food poisoning because it infects the stomach and works to stop the transmission of nerve signals. Therefore, scientists have purified this substance to be useful in cosmetics and to stop factors affecting the skin. As well as treating the signs of aging and premature aging of the skin without resorting to surgical cosmetic facelifts and their risks. Botox can also be used from the age of 18 to 65 years. However, you must choose an experienced plastic surgeon to determine whether your condition is suitable for treatment with Botox injections or not.

How does Botox beautify the skin?

One of the most important factors that lead to the appearance of wrinkles is the contraction of facial muscles with age or other factors. As we mentioned previously, botulinum toxin helps stop the transmission of nerve signals because it targets the nervous system. Therefore, it works to reduce muscle contraction and thus works to tighten the skin, which prevents the appearance of wrinkles and improves the appearance of the skin. In addition to many other medical uses, such as treating hyperthyroidism or hyperhidrosis. Therefore, Botox injection is considered the most famous nowadays because of its effective effect in the field of cosmetics.

Advantages of Botox injections in Hurghada

  • Botox injections are a safe treatment.
  • Botox injections are painless.
  • Since the discovery of Botox, it is a very effective treatment.
  • A quick treatment that requires only a few minutes to inject Botox according to the places to be treated to paralyze the muscle movement and tighten the skin to eliminate wrinkles.
  • Continuing the injection of Botox works to add freshness and restore youthful skin.
  • There are no major risks in Botox injections plastic surgeries.

Types of Botox injections

With the great scientific development in cosmetic medicine, types of Botox have developed. They may work for the same goal, but their characteristics differ from one type to another. The plastic surgeon at Nadara Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic Clinic chooses the appropriate type for each patient’s condition. Likewise, whether Botox is for the skin or to treat cases of severe sweating for women and men with Botox injections or to treat teeth grinding with Botox injections. Types of Botox injections in Hurghada include:

  • Traditional Botox.
  • Allergan Botox.
  • Dysport Botox.
  • Neuronox Botox.
  • Xeomin Botox.
  • Refinex Botox.
  • Jeuveau Botox.
  • Meditoxin Botox.
  • Nabota Botox.

Is Botox safe?

The injection Botox is generally safe because doctors use it in small amounts that are appropriate for the areas to be treated. But of course, you should consult a doctor who specializes in Botox injections and cosmetics. the best dermatologist in Hurghada To perform Botox injections very efficiently.

How do you find the best Botox injection doctor in Hurghada?

  • Botox injections are considered one of the most common cosmetic procedures, so you can have Botox injections in a hospital, clinic, or beauty center in Hurghada. You must be careful to choose a doctor who specializes in Botox injections, who has accredited certificates and has high qualifications. In addition to the need to verify his previous experience in Botox injections. He has the experience and skill to treat skin problems or treat cases of severe sweating for men and women with Botox injections. The importance of the Botox doctor's experience lies in the absence of complications or harm from Botox. The amount of Botox and the injection site must be determined very precisely.
  • Therefore, Nadara Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic Clinic in Hurghada and the Red Sea provides you with the best Botox injection doctors with accredited certificates and previous experience. The Nadhara Center also includes an integrated medical team of the best dermatologists and the best plastic surgeons. As well as the best plastic surgery consultants who have the highest qualifications and certificates. Therefore, you will get the best Botox injection service with the most skilled Botox injection doctor in Hurghada, who is skilled and precise to achieve satisfactory results from the elite in the cosmetic specialty in Egypt.
  • In addition, Nadara Center includes the latest modern cosmetic and therapeutic technologies and keeps pace with the tremendous scientific development in the world in the field of beauty and health. Therefore, there are the latest types of Botox, such as traditional Botox, Botox Allergan, Botox Dysport, Neuronex, Botox Xeomin, Botox Revinex, Botox Juvo, Medotexin, and Nabuta. The Botox doctor will choose the appropriate type for your condition after carefully evaluating your skin condition.
  • The founder of the Nadara Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic Center is Dr. Amani Al-Tawabti, a consultant in the best dermatology and venereology clinics. Therefore, the Nadara Center is considered the best place to perform Botox injections. You can confirm the competence and skill of Botox injection doctors in Hurghada through customer reviews, opinions of previous patients in the service, and the competence of the doctor after the results. Search for the Nadhara Center page online where you can access information about the Nadhara Center and its doctors. You can also see reviews of previous patients about Botox injections at Nadhara Clinic in Hurghada on social media pages.
  • In addition to seeing the results of Botox injections before and after to ensure the competence of the doctors treating skin with Botox injections in Hurghada at the center. If you are a resident of Hurghada or neighboring cities in the Red Sea Governorate, you can visit Nadara Center yourself. The address is Al-Nasr Main Street, above the Engineers Syndicate, fourth floor, Hurghada, Red Sea.

What are the cases that require Botox injections in Hurghada?

Botox was used when it first appeared in the treatment of facial wrinkles only and showed great success, so the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Botox for the following uses, such as:

Botox cosmetic uses

  • Botox injections to eliminate visible horizontal lines in the forehead.
Botox injections in Hurghada to get rid of forehead lines
Botox injections to remove forehead lines at Nadara clinic in Hurghada
  • Getting rid of the visible lines between the eyebrows in the form of 111.
Removing wrinkles between the eyebrows 111 by injecting Botox in Hurghada
Wrinkle removal 111 by injecting Botox at Nadara clinic in Hurghada
  • Botox for wrinkles around the eyes (crow's feet).
Botox injections in Hurghada to treat wrinkles around the eyes
Botox injections to treat wrinkles around the eyes at Nadara clinic in Hurghada
  • Treatment of lines visible at the corners of the mouth.
  • Skin wrinkles below the chin by Botox injections works to tighten the skin and hide wrinkles.
  • raise eyebrows Up with Botox injections until the eyebrows are pulled up.

Therapeutic uses of Botox

The use of Botox is not limited to cosmetic treatments, face-lifting, and getting rid of wrinkles only, but the importance of Botox is also complemented by its use in other non-cosmetic treatments. Botulinum toxin has proven effective in treating many problems that require stopping the transmission of nerve signals. This was the first use of this substance in 1989 in treating strabismus and eye disorders. This then expanded to various cosmetic treatments, as Botox for the skin became widespread. Which helps in treatment and getting rid of hope, as well as eliminates the need for surgical intervention for many annoying diseases. The most important of these cosmetic treatments are the following:

  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome treatment
  • Cervical dystonia.
  • Treatment of teeth grinding and gum problems.
  • Hand Excessive Sweating Treatment.
  • An overactive bladder.

Instructions before injecting Botox in Hurghada

First: Choosing Nadara clinic for the best dermatology and beauty clinic in Hurghada and the Red Sea

Before doing a Botox injection, you should make sure to choose the best place and the best doctor to do the Botox injection procedure in the Red Sea, and this is what Nadara clinic in Hurghada in the Red Sea provides for you. We at Nadara clinic are keen to select a medical team with the highest level of expertise and efficiency in order to obtain more youthful and radiant skin through Filler injection Or the most effective Botox injections.

Secondly, an interview with the doctor

  1.    The doctor’s assessment of the places needed to inject Botox to determine the amount of Botox needed according to the thickness of the skin.
  2.   Tell the doctor about the medical history, whether it was skin or neurological diseases.
  3. Tell your doctor about the medications and treatments you are taking.
  4. You must inform the doctor of your goal for the injection and your expectations for the result after the Botox injection session.
  5. The doctor will tell you the expected results and may take pictures before and after the injection to compare the results and determine whether you need another Botox session or not.
  6. You can ask the doctor any question you have without embarrassment or hesitation, as the plastic surgeon at Nadara Clinic and all the elite doctors in the field of cosmetics are good listeners.
  7. Determine the appropriate date for the Botox injection.

Conduct an allergy test

We at Nadara clinic in Hurghada adhere to all the necessary standards for your safety, so we do a sensitivity test to ensure that there is no allergy to Botox.

Doctor's instructions before Botox injection in Hurghada

  • Stop taking nutritional supplements and vitamins.
  • Do not take any painkillers or blood thinners Such as ibuprofen, aspirin, etc
  • Avoid exposing the target area of the skin to sunlight.
  • Drink appropriate amounts of water to keep the skin hydrated and protect it from dryness.
  • Hair should not be removed from the areas that will be treated with Botox injections so as not to cause skin irritation.
  • No skin peeling sessions should be performed about a month before the session.
  • Do not apply any cosmetics or skin care creams to the skin before Botox injection, so as not to cause complications.

How long is the Botox injection procedure?

does not take Botox injections In Hurghada, it takes a long time, as it may take only ten minutes, maybe more or less depending on the amount of injections needed for the places that need treatment. The patient usually leaves the clinic after the injection on the same day, unless the case requires other sessions.

How to perform Botox injections in Hurghada

  1. The skin is cleaned and sterilized well with a medical solution.
  2. The doctor marks the injection sites using a pen.
  3. A local anesthetic is placed on the areas to be injected with Botox, then the patient waits a few minutes until he feels numbness and tingling in these areas.
  4. The doctor at Nadara Clinic in Hurghada uses very thin needles to inject Botox under the skin.
  5. Botox injection only takes 10 to 15 minutes.
  6. Finally, the Botox injection doctor schedules a session to evaluate the results of Botox injections for the skin.

Temporary side effects after Botox injections in Hurghada

You may experience some temporary complications after Botox injections to the face or other places, but they only last a few days. However, you must follow the instructions of the dermatologist at Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology so that complications do not occur and in order to achieve full recovery and satisfactory results, such as:

  • Headache after the injection.
  • Mild pain tolerable.
  • Bruising or swelling, whether it's Botox for wrinkles or Botox for lips, inject Botox for the face.
  • Effects of anaesthesia.
  • Flu-like symptoms.
  • upset stomach;

Instructions after Botox injections in Hurghada

You must adhere to the doctor's instructions to avoid any complications and to get an amazing result, and the most important of these instructions are:

  • Do not massage or apply pressure to the injection sites so that the botox does not spread to other places.
  • Avoid sleeping on the face or injection sites.
  • Do not expose the injection sites to the sun.
  • Avoid taking any medications or painkillers without consulting a doctor.
  • Eat soft foods that are easy to swallow if Botox was injected into the neck.
  • Avoid putting cosmetics and skin care creams on the Botox injection sites.

Symptoms require Go to the doctor immediately after the Botox injection

After Botox injections, when one of these symptoms occurs, you must go to Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology in Hurghada. These symptoms may be the result of neglecting to choose a Botox injection doctor with experience and accredited certificates who specializes in Botox injections. These symptoms include the following:

  • High temperature.
  • Feeling unbearable pain.
  • Severe difficulty speaking.
  • Feeling of facial numbness after Botox injections.
  • Heavy bleeding occurs.
  • Breathing difficulties.
  • The appearance of secretions from the injection area, such as lip botox or facial botox injections.

When does the result of Botox injections appear?

Botox injection results before and after
Botox injection results before and after
Botox injection results
Botox injection results

The time for the final results to appear varies from one person to another depending on the condition of the skin, the age of the patient, and the competence of the plastic surgeon. The results of Botox injections usually appear three to five days after the injection and may vary according to each case. While the full effect and final result appear only two weeks after Botox injections.

How long do the results of Botox injections last?

 You will get an attractive appearance and more youthful and radiant skin after Botox injections, and this result will last from three to six months, then the injections are done again. However, you must follow the instructions of the plastic surgeon at Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic Clinic to achieve the best satisfactory results and to ensure that the results last for a longer period.

The following guidelines should also be followed to maintain the result of Botox injections for a longer period:

  • Avoid the sun, especially during peak hours.
  • Keep away from heat or hot water.
  • Get into the habit of sleeping on your back so that Botox is not stressed.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Use high-quality cosmetics and skin care creams after consulting a doctor.
  • Use a moisturizing cream on the advice of a doctor.

What are the contraindications of Botox injections?

Botox can be used for all individuals starting from 18 years old, but doctors recommend it starting from 25 years, but there are cases that should not be injected with Botox, such as:

  • Pregnant women.
  • Lactating women.
  • Those who have skin diseases or bacterial infections at the injection sites.
  • Those who have had facial surgeries.
  • Those who are allergic to Botox, so the doctor conducts an allergy test before performing the injection.
  • Neurological disease patients.

The best Botox injection clinic in Hurghada

Botox injections for forehead lines
Botox injections for forehead lines

Treating the signs of aging and aging with Botox injections is one of the most important cosmetic sessions that is widely spread throughout the world. But you must choose the place where you will inject Botox very carefully, as the lack of experience of doctors or choosing a clinic that is not qualified to inject Botox may lead to serious damage to the skin. You can also perform Botox injections in a clinic, hospital, or medical center equipped with the latest technologies, such as Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser, and Cosmetology. Where you can perform a group of cosmetic services at the same time, such as: Plasma injection andBody sculpting and of the breast and Botox and filler injections in Hurghada.

Nadara Center includes the latest modern technologies in cosmetic medicine, including laser devices and medical devices for skin care and treatment of skin problems, as well as treatment of hair problems. In addition, there are many modern cosmetic injections that are safe and approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Therefore, Nadara Clinic is the best Botox injection clinic in Hurghada, as it includes the elite in the cosmetic specialty in Egypt.

You can also benefit from the integrated medical team in many different cosmetic and therapeutic services. Where you can perform cosmetic treatments related to Botox injections, such as Botox And the filler Botox will tighten the skin and get rid of wrinkles and signs of aging. While the filler works on Filling the cheeks And lip enlargement And a cavity under the eye To get rid of circles. In addition to stimulating increased collagen production to renew skin cells, as well as increasing elastin production to increase skin elasticity and treat sagging skin. And so there is Needles of freshness Amber needle andGalibro And plasma injections.

Besides there Skin care sessions With the best dermatologists to preserve the skin, protect it from various problems, and promote skin cell regeneration. And it includes Mesotherapy and Dermapen sessions and also Skin booster Sessions And skin cleaning sessions and also Skin peeling sessions. In addition to various cosmetic surgeries such as Surgical facelift or Facelift with cosmetic threads Or face lift using French threads.

The beauty of the face is not complete without the beautiful, soft hair flowing over it, so Nadara Clinic provides you with the latest hair care technologies. Which includes Plasma sessions for hair, Exosomer to stimulate hair growth, hair transplant process, Hair loss treatment, Alopecia treatment. It also treats various skin diseases and various skin problems. Where you can get rid of Effects of scars, acne and burns. In addition to treating vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema, facial capillaries, skin tags, Stretch marks and white lines And others.. There is also the best plastic surgery consultant in Hurghada to perform all cosmetic and therapeutic surgeries. In addition to various types of plastic surgery, such as rhinoplasty, ear plastic surgery, liposuction And sculpting the figure.

The price of Botox injections in Hurghada

Botox injection prices in the Red Sea vary depending on several factors. However, Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology in Hurghada and the Red Sea provides the best price for Botox injections, which ranges from 1,500 to 2,500 Egyptian pounds. The most important factors that affect the cost of Botox are the following:

  • Skin condition.
  • Botox injection place in the body.
  • The area of the target area.
  • Patient's age and skin response to Botox.
  • The type of Botox used, its trade name.
  • Botox doctor’s experience and certificates.
  • Equipment and reputation of the beauty clinic.
  • Patient reviews of the doctor and the cosmetic clinic.
  • Cosmetic clinic website.

In the end, we hope that you have obtained sufficient information necessary before and after Botox injections. Botox has become an effective weapon against many signs of aging that affect your appearance. That is why the Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology in Hurghada and the Red Sea will support you to achieve the best results. Hurry and contact Nadara Clinic in Hurghada, Egypt, as well as the best dermatologist for more youthful and radiant skin with Nadara Clinic.


  1. How can I book an appointment for Botox injections in Hurghada?

    You can contact us We also give you an opportunity Online reservation And if you are in Hurghada and the Red Sea, you can visit the clinic directione.

  2. How much is the price of Botox injections in Hurghada?

    The price of Botox depends on the injection site, is it to remove wrinkles or... To treat excessive sweating Or others, as well as the amount of Botox used. The prices of facial Botox in Hurghada range from 1500 to 2500 EGP.

  3. What type of Botox is used in Nadara clinic in Hurghada?

    we use in nadara clinic The best different types of Botox according to what the skin condition requires, and the most commonly used type is Allergan.

  4. How many botox injection sessions are needed?

    The doctor at Nadara Clinic in Hurghada evaluates the case to determine the amount of Botox needed To treat skin problems Usually one session is basic and possibly a second confirmatory session.

  5. When do I expect the effectiveness of Botox injections to begin?

    Botox injections begin to take effect three or five days after the date of the session. While the full effectiveness of Botox will be after only two weeks of treatment Botox injection procedure.

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