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Excimer laser in Hurghada

Are you looking for the best treatment? Book now at Nadara Clinic for an excimer laser session for the treatment of vitiligo, psoriasis and alopecia.

Medical laser is one of the most important technologies that have been developed in the field of cosmetic medicine in recent decades, and it is used to treat a variety of skin problems such as wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, scars, melasma, and even tattoos. For psoriasis and alopecia with high effectiveness. In addition to the excimer laser in Hurghada, one of the most important advantages of the excimer device in cosmetic medicine is that it provides fast and effective results with minimal side effects, and is characterized by its high accuracy and the ability to control the depth of its effect.

However, you should be aware that the use of a medical laser requires sufficient skill and experience from the attending physician. Nadara Clinic is one of the best cosmetic clinics in Hurghada, where there is the best dermatologist and plastic surgeon in Hurghada, and there is the best medical staff at the highest level of experience. You will get amazing results and get rid of skin diseases that bother you with excimer laser in Hurghada at Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology.

What is an excimer laser?

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Every day, more benefits appear for lasers and newer devices used to treat diseases that were previously difficult to treat. An Excimer laser is a laser device that emits laser beams of specific wavelengths. It is used in many treatments as it stimulates skin cells to treat certain diseases. It is also distinguished that the excimer laser in Hurghada does not penetrate the rest of the skin organs, so it is considered safe for the rest of the body organs. He will help you in treating diseases at Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology.

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Advantages of the excimer laser

There are many advantages to using an excimer laser, such as:

  1. The X-ray is safe for the rest of the body tissues.
  2. It is safe during pregnancy or lactation, as the rays only absorb the outer layer of the skin.
  3.  Excimer laser can be treated for all patients with other diseases, whether heart diseases, pressure, kidneys or diabetes.
  4. Shorter treatment period compared to other laser devices.
  5. There is no need for many tests and blood tests.
  6. Do not darken the treated area.

Excimer laser uses

It is used in the treatment of many diseases, especially autoimmune diseases like:

  • Vitiligo.
  • Psoriasis.
  • Alopecia areata.

First: Vitiligo treatment by excimer laser in Hurghada

Excimer laser in Hurghada
Excimer laser in Hurghada

What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a skin disease that occurs as a result of a defect in the immune system that makes the body's immune system attack the melanin cells responsible for giving the skin a similar color to the rest of the skin. Therefore, some areas of the skin lose their ability to pigment and spots appear in the skin. Excimer laser for vitiligo is also the best safe and most effective treatment.

Types of vitiligo

There are also types of vitiligo, and the dermatologist at Nadara Dermatology Center in Hurghada diagnoses the condition and knows the type of vitiligo, such as:

Segmental vitiligo: It occurs in one place on the body, such as on the face or hand.

Focal Vitiligo and in this type does not spread.

Trichrome vitiligo is where the skin has three pigmentations.

Generalized Vitiligo is the most widespread vitiligo in the body.

Complications of vitiligo

Neglecting treatment of vitiligo may lead to serious complications such as:

  1. It affects hearing.
  2. Psychosocial impact.
  3. Increased susceptibility to sunburn.

Excimer laser technology in the treatment of vitiligo in Hurghada

Doctors at Nadara Center for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology use the best methods of treating vitiligo with the best types of lasers, such as the excimer laser. Excimer laser technology also relies on exposing the vitiligo-affected area to laser beams with specific wavelengths, such as 308 nanometers. These rays stimulate the skin to produce melanin, which helps treat areas that have lost pigmentation. In addition, the treatment may need more than one session of excimer laser, and this is determined by the dermatologist at Nadara Clinic for Dermatology in Hurghada. You can also learn about me. Carbon laser in Hurghada.

Instructions before treating vitiligo in Hurghada with laser

  1. Excimer laser for vitiligo needs to choose an experienced and highly qualified dermatologist and cosmetologist. As the laser is one of the treatments that need precision in use in order to reach the desired result with few side effects. Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology provides you with the best doctors specializing in excimer laser sessions using the latest technology.
  2. You must inform the doctor of your expectations from the treatment so that he informs you of the possible outcome of your condition.
  3. Inform the doctor of your family's medical history so that he can determine the main cause of vitiligo so that you can anticipate the results of the excimer laser treatment.

Instructions before excimer laser sessions for vitiligo

The doctor will tell you instructions to follow before starting excimer laser sessions in Hurghada, such as:

  • Avoid exposure to the sun before the treatment session.
  • Do not apply any cosmetics or skin care products.
  • Stop taking vitamins and supplements.
  • Do not take blood thinners that contain aspirin or ibuprofen.
  • Stop smoking because it affects the skin and the outcome of the treatment.
  • Avoid hair removal before excimer laser sessions.

Steps to treat vitiligo by excimer laser in Hurghada

Excimer laser session for vitiligo treatment
  1. The doctor at Nadara Clinic sterilizes the area that will be treated.
  2. The eyes should not be exposed to laser beams, so the doctor will give you glasses to protect the eyes.
  3. The dermatologist at Nadara Clinic sets the laser device at the appropriate temperature to treat vitiligo that is appropriate for your condition.
  4. The doctor directs laser beams to the area to be treated using an excimer laser.
  5. An excimer laser session takes about 20 minutes and varies according to the area of the areas where vitiligo spreads.
  6. The dermatologist sets the date for the next laser session to follow up on the results, as well as to conduct other sessions until the desired result is reached.

Side effects of vitiligo treatment by excimer laser in Hurghada

Excimer laser sessions for vitiligo cause some side effects, but by following the doctor's instructions, these effects will disappear within a short period. Among the most important of these instructions are:

  1. Redness of the skin in the treated area.
  2. Minor infections.
  3. The itching sensation that quickly goes away with the use of lotions prescribed by your doctor.

Duration of vitiligo laser treatment

The duration of laser treatment varies from one case to another according to the response of the cells. The dermatologist at Nadara Clinic also works to see the effectiveness and results of the treatment. The treatment period may take from two months to six months, and the patient may need excimer laser sessions for vitiligo twice a week.

Instructions after treatment of vitiligo by excimer laser

  1. Wear a hat or clothing that completely covers the skin for protection from the sun and its effects.
  2. Avoid exposure to the sun or wear sunscreen with SPF 50+. In addition to renewing the protective cream every two hours at least.
  3. Cosmetics can be used after a period of sessions, in consultation with the doctor, to unify the skin color.
  4. Do not get a tattoo because it will lead to the appearance of new vitiligo spots.
  5. Avoid tension and stress.
  6. Do not fall behind home remedies and resort to the doctor.
  7. Take care not to be exposed to chemicals.

Second: Alopecia areata treatment by excimer laser in Hurghada

What is Alopecia areata?

Alopecia areata is due to a defect in the immune system, which causes it to attack the hair follicles, causing damage and fall. Hair loss in an area leads to the appearance of bald patches. In addition, it appears in different areas, not just the head. It may appear in the chin or other areas of the body.

Excimer laser alopecia treatment technique

Excimer laser technology uses lasers with similar wavelengths of ultraviolet light. Which helps stimulate hair follicles to grow again.

Doctor's instructions before treating alopecia areata in Hurghada

  1. You can perform excimer laser sessions in Hurghada in a comprehensive hospital or medical center such as Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology in Hurghada and the Red Sea. Where there are the best dermatologists, lasers and cosmetologists, as well as the latest laser devices such as the excimer laser, which is characterized by its effectiveness.
  2. Inform the doctor of the medical and family history.
  3. You must inform the doctor of your expectations from the excimer laser sessions.

Instructions before excimer laser sessions for alopecia areata

  • Do not expose the scalp to the sun and wear a hat.
  • Avoid applying hair care products to the scalp before sessions.
  • Not taking vitamins or nutritional supplements.
  • Washing hair before the session.

Alopecia treatment steps for excimer laser

  1. The doctor determines the area on which he will direct the laser beams.
  2. The dermatologist and cosmetologist at Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology adjusts the temperature of the excimer laser device in Hurghada to suit your condition.
  3. The doctor will give you glasses to protect your eyes from the laser beams.
  4. The dermatologist directs the laser beams to the areas to be treated.
  5. The doctor sets the date for the next sessions and follows up on the results. You can also find out Liposuction in Al-GharghaH.

Instructions after treating alopecia by excimer laser in Hurghada

  1. Avoid washing hair immediately after the session.
  2. Avoid exposure to hot water or heat and saunas.
  3. Resist the itching sensation in the area where the laser was applied.
  4. Do not put pressure on the scalp.
  5. Eat healthy food full of vitamins and minerals, especially fruits and vegetables.

Side effects after excimer laser session in Hurghada

After excimer laser session, you will feel some temporary side effects such as:

  • Itchy sensation.
  • Redness of the area.
  • Temporarily tan.

Excimer laser sessions for alopecia areata

Treatment of alopecia areata requires a number of sessions to be determined by the cosmetic and hair care specialist at Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Aesthetics. You usually need 15 to 40 sessions.

Alopecia prevention tips

Alopecia areata is one of the diseases that is difficult to prevent due to its infection even before symptoms appear. However, some of the most important ways to prevent it are:

  1. Realizing that it is an infectious disease and being aware of the transmission of infection from others and animals to humans.
  2. The need to wash the hair well with shampoo.
  3. Clean the scalp after cutting hair.
  4. Children clean their hands well and pay attention to the environment around them.
  5. Not sharing personal tools with others and sterilizing them constantly.
  6. Stay away from animals infected with alopecia, which appears in the form of patches free of fur.

Third: Psoriasis treatment with an excimer laser device in Hurghada

Excimer laser for psoriasis
Excimer laser for psoriasis

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a skin disease characterized by a defect in the skin cells where they multiply their growth speed. This causes cells to build up on the surface of the skin, forming thick silvery scales that become red, dry, and inflamed. In addition, it usually appears on joints such as the knees and elbows, as well as the feet, hands, face, neck and scalp.

What are the causes of psoriasis?

As we mentioned, psoriasis is an autoimmune disease where a defect occurs in the immune system, but there are factors that contribute to its appearance, such as:

  1. Genetic factors.
  2. Severe sunburn cases.
  3. Very cold weather.
  4. Smoking.
  5. Psychological stress.
  6. Bacterial infection
  7. Take some medicine.
  8. Smoking and drinking excessive alcohol.
  9. Bacterial infection

Types of psoriasis

  1. Plaque psoriasis is the most common and often appears as silvery scales. In addition, the places where this type appears is the scalp, knees, elbows, and lower back.
  2. Guttate or normal psoriasis Guttate psoriasis It often appears in childhood in the form of red spots that appear on the image of red spots. It is also one of the most important causes of respiratory infection and bacterial infections.
  3. Erythrodermic psoriasis, which appears in the form of a rash and spreads to all parts of the body, but this type is less common. One of the most important reasons for its appearance is taking some medications, as well as sunburn.
  4. Inverse psoriasis, which appears in folded areas of the body, such as the thighs, under the breasts, and the armpits.
  5. Pustular psoriasis It only affects adults and is formed in the form of white grains filled with pus.

Complications of psoriasis

If left untreated, psoriasis can lead to serious complications, such as:

  1. Type 2 diabetes.
  2. Heart disease.
  3. Blepharitis and conjunctivitis.
  4. Arthritis.
  5. Hypertension.
  6. Psoriatic arthritis, which causes pain, stiffness, and swelling in and around the joints.

How to use excimer laser for psoriasis in Hurghada

The excimer laser psoriasis treatment technique at Nadara Clinic Hurghada for the treatment of psoriasis relies on directing high-concentration medical laser beams that target the immune system to inhibit it in the psoriasis area. Psoriasis is classified as an autoimmune disease and high-concentration ultraviolet light waves are used to suppress the immune system in the area where psoriasis symptoms appear, which contributes to alleviating the symptoms, because psoriasis is classified as an autoimmune disease.

Dermatologist instructions before excimer laser session

  1. You can perform excimer laser sessions to treat psoriasis in a hospital, clinic, or medical center, but care must be taken to choose an equipped place and to choose experienced doctors. Therefore, you can choose Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology in Hurghada and the Red Sea, where there are the best dermatologists and cosmetologists and the latest technologies and devices.
  2. Tell the doctor about your medical history and any medications or treatments you take.
  3. Do not expose the affected area to the sun.
  4. Do not apply any cosmetics or skin care products.
  5. Stop smoking.
  6. Stop taking ibuprofen.
  7. Avoid removing hair from the areas that will be treated with laser.

Psoriasis treatment steps by excimer laser in Hurghada

  1. The dermatologist cleans the area that will be treated with laser.
  2. You must wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from the laser beams.
  3. The dermatologist at Nadara clinic for Dermatology in Hurghada directs laser beams on the psoriasis-affected areas of the body.
  4. The session takes 15 to 30 minutes depending on the area of psoriasis on the body and the type of psoriasis.
  5. After the end of the session, the doctor sets the date for the next session to get the best results.

Side effects after excimer laser session for psoriasis

You will suffer from some side effects after excimer laser session in Hurghada for psoriasis treatment. Among the most important of these symptoms are:

  1. Redness of the laser treated area.
  2. Itching sensation in the skin.
  3. Temporary pigmentation of the skin in the treated area.
  4. The appearance of some red spots.
  5. Feeling some temporary pain.

The number of laser sessions needed to treat psoriasis

The number of sessions varies from case to case, and this is determined by the dermatologist at Nadara Clinic in Hurghada. However, the number of sessions usually ranges from 4 to 10 excimer laser sessions until you get the necessary result.

In the end, laser is one of the most important treatments that are used safely and effectively for many skin diseases and cosmetic treatments. Therefore, Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology is keen to provide the latest laser devices such as the excimer laser used in the treatment of some diseases such as vitiligo, alopecia and psoriasis. Worry no more as there are the best doctors in Nadara clinic for Dermatology, Laser and cosmetology in Hurghada. And other uses of lasers in getting rid of melasma pigmentation andfreckles andEczema and the effects of burns and scars and acne and tattoo removal.. There is also the best treatment for dark circles And the best hair removal sessions in Hurghada with the latest laser devices. There are also offers Hair removal In Hurghada, in the Nadara clinic with the latest laser devices, so that you can enjoy self-confidence.

In addition to the presence of many other cosmetic treatments such as filler andBotox and sessions Mesotherapy and Dermapen And Skin Booster sessions in Hurghada. In addition to the presence of the best plastic surgeon in Hurghada, if you dream of a perfect body, you can perform body contouring or Fat fragmentation or liposuction or Butt augmentation or as breast augmentation,Furthermore Otoplasty andthe nose. Contact us as soon as possible to start excimer laser sessions in Hurghada in order to treat the skin diseases that you suffer from and enjoy a disease-free skin with the best beauty clinic in Hurghada Nadara Clinic in Hurghada


  1. How can I book an excimer laser session?

    You can contact us or send WhatsApp and book the closest time with the best dermatologists and surgeons at Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, laser and cosmetology in Hurghada.

  2. What are excimer sessions?

    It is a type of laser session with an excimer laser, which consists of rays that stimulate the skin and suppress the immune system. Therefore, it is used in the treatment of skin diseases such as vitiligo, psoriasis and alopecia areata, which are autoimmune diseases.

  3. Does laser stop the spread of vitiligo?

    Laser helps in the treatment of vitiligo, but treatment sessions must be adhered to, which may reach 24 sessions.

  4. Does laser treat alopecia?

    The excimer laser is used in the treatment of alopecia, as it stimulates the hair cells and follicles to grow again and discourages the immune system that attacks the follicles.

  5. What is the duration of alopecia treatment?

    It can take up to 12 weeks to treat alopecia areata until hair begins to appear again. However, sessions must be continued for up to 6 months.

  6. Can psoriasis be cured?

    Treating psoriasis is easier when it first appears, but the longer it is treated and spreads more in the body and its severity increases, the more difficult it is to treat, and the body's response to treatment is slower than the first.

  7. How many sessions of excimer laser for the treatment of vitiligo?

    The number of sessions of the excimer laser must be completed as recommended by the dermatologist and plastic surgeon at the Nadara Clinic in Hurghada, which may reach 20 sessions.

  8. What diseases does the excimer laser treat?

    Laser treats many diseases, but the excimer laser is effective in treating vitiligo, alopecia areata, and psoriasis.

  9. Does laser remove psoriasis?

    Excimer laser treats psoriasis by suppressing the immune system and stimulating the skin to renew its cells naturally. In addition, it reduces the severity of disease and infections that occur because of it.

  10. What is guttate psoriasis?

    Guttate psoriasis is a skin disease that consists of red spots that appear on the body that look like water.

  11. When is psoriasis dangerous?

    Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease and is dangerous for young people or the elderly. It also has serious complications that may lead to heart disease and stroke if it develops without treatment.

  12. Does hair grow after alopecia areata?

    Yes, hair grows after alopecia, but it takes years for the hair follicle to grow again. However, with excimer laser sessions, this period is shortened, and it regains its strength and growth in a shorter period.

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