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Laser scars removal in Hurghada

Do you suffer from scars that disturb your life? With Nadara clinic for dermatology , you will find the magic solution which is Laser scars removal in Hurghada.

Always and forever, beauty is the goal of everyone, especially if there are wounds or scars that affect this beauty, but with the development of laser uses, there are many ways to remove the effects of laser wounds in Hurghada. Nadara clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology in Hurghada will give you the opportunity to regain your pure skin, free from any wounds or scars that occurred to it. Nadara clinic is characterized by the presence of the best dermatologist in Hurghada He has experience in removing traces of wounds and scars. In addition to using the latest technologies and modern medical treatments in order to reach the maximum levels of patient satisfaction with his appearance and increase his self-confidence.

Factors of the appearance of scars on the skin

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Traces of wounds and scars appear as a result of damage to the layers of the skin, which makes the skin produce collagen, where the fibrous connective tissues appear on the outer surface of the skin to treat the wound area. This happens as a result of many factors, for example:

Laser scar removal
Laser scar removal from the face after the fourth session
  • Acne.
  • A tool penetrated the skin.
  • Infection with some skin diseases such as chicken pox.
  • As a result of surgery.
  • Exposure to burns.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Exposing the skin to sunlight for a long time.
  • Accidents occur with wounds in the skin that heal slowly.
  • Genetic factors.

Types of wounds and scars

There are different types of scars, they may be light or prominent. Such as:

1. Hypertrophy scars

These hypertrophic scars appear as a result of the overproduction of collagen and the growth of connective tissue, which makes the scar tissue excess. In addition, they are prominent scars and red in color. It arises for several reasons, including:

  • Wounds with sutures.
  • Vascular problems.
  • Diabetes.
  • Smoking causes the blood vessels to constrict.

2. Keloid scars

These are scars that appear as a result of excessive secretion of connective tissue to the extent that it exceeds the area of the wound. And this is due to genetic reasons. Among the places on the body that are most prone to this type of scars are the ear pinna, chest, shoulders and back.

3. Pigmented scars

They are scars in which the skin color appears darker than the surrounding skin. This occurs as a result of wound infection or exposure to the sun during the healing stages of the skin. It often appears in people with dark skin.

4. Shrinking or retractile scars

Laser scar removal of hand in Hurghada
Laser scar removal by hand

There are scars that may contract too much and may even make joint movement difficult. It may occur as a result of connective tissue damage as a result of second or third degree burns. So you can now remove scars with laser.

5. Atrophic scars

They are scars that appear as a result of acne, smallpox, or vaccinations. They may be in the form of pits or flat, and the reason for their appearance is damage to the fat under the wound. But you can now remove scars with laser and they have classifications such as:

  1. Ice breaker scars are so named because they make the skin full of holes due to deep damage to the skin as a result of black and white heads.
  2. Ribbed scars, occur as a result of the intense appearance of acne and are sharp-angled.
  3. Stretch marks occur after pregnancy.

Laser scars removal in Hurghada

Deep skin scar removal
Deep skin scar removal

Laser has now become the magic solution for many cosmetic problems, as it dispenses with cosmetic surgeries and their risks. Scientists have developed the uses of laser, the most important of which is laser scars removal in Hurghada, as it is the ideal solution to restore the purity of the skin and get rid of impurities as a result of scars.

How to perform laser scar removal technique in Hurghada

The laser scar removal technique in Hurghada depends on targeting the thermal laser beams to the internal and external tissues of the scars, thus stimulating the secretion of natural collagen, and as a result, skin cells regenerate and become more natural.

Advantages of laser scar removal in Hurghada

  • Quick sessions that don't need time.
  • The possibility of practicing a normal life after the sessions, while adhering to the doctor's instructions.
  • The ideal solution for all skin types.
  • No need for surgical intervention.
  • Satisfactory and effective results.
  • The speed of recovery from the operation.
  • Laser scar removal of various causes.
  • A cure for many skin diseases.
  • There is no significant pain during the treatment session.
  • Get rid of dark skin color.
  • Increase self-confidence.
  • Skin rejuvenation.
  • The prices of laser sessions are less expensive compared to plastic surgeries.

Removing marks of wounds and removing scars with laser

Laser is one of the most popular treatments used for many cosmetic purposes. Because of its effectiveness and reduce the risks of surgical operations. Moreover, it is safe to use. But you must choose the right place and an experienced dermatologist. And this is what Nadara Clinic provides you with the best dermatologist in Hurghada to remove scars using the best and latest laser devices.

Candidate cases for using laser for cosmetology

The laser treats many cases of the following skin problems:

You can read more about: Burn treatment doctor in Hurghada

Removing the effects of accidents and wounds with a laser in Hurghada
Removing the marks of accidents with laser

Methods of removing traces of laser wounds in Hurghada

There are many ways to remove scars with laser, which depend on the type of scars, whether is it superficial or sunken, old or modern, as well as the type of skin. And also one of the most important ways to remove scars, such as:

First: Removal of scars using an ablative fractional laser.

It depends on the type of laser to remove the outer layer of the skin. As it uses intense rays of a CO2 laser as well as the Erbium YAG laser, and this helps to grow a new layer and then stimulate the next layer to produce collagen. And with continued sessions, the scar will become smoother and lighter than before. So it is suitable for the prominent and recessed exits. And it needs at least two weeks for the skin to heal as a result of redness and peeling.

Second: Removing traces of wounds in Hurghada using a laser other than peeling or a non-ablative laser (Nonablative Fractional Laser)

This type of laser depends on targeting and heating the deep layers of the skin without affecting the superficial layers of the skin, such as light or pulsed laser (PDL). One of the most important benefits of a non-exfoliating laser is to stimulate collagen production and make the skin uniform in texture and color as it targets melanin and hemoglobin. And in the end, you get unparalleled skin, and this type is characterized by the absence of temporary side effects on the skin for a long time, such as an exfoliating laser. Moreover, its results appear faster than exfoliating lasers.

Third: Removing scars using a fractional laser.

TheFractional laserlike the previous types, but the difference is that the laser beams are divided into thousands of microscopic rays so that they target the deeper layers of the skin in the form of columns without affecting the surrounding tissues. It is one of the best types of laser scars removal in Hurghada, as it does not need time to recover and its results appear quickly.

Instructions before laser scar removal sessions in Hurghada

The best doctors at Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology in Hurghada will tell the patient the instructions that must be followed before the scar removal procedure in Hurghada. These instructions include:

  1. Choosing a clinic or medical center with experienced doctors, as well as modern medical equipment, such as Nadara Clinic for dermatology, laser and cosmetology in Hurghada and the Red Sea.
  2. Visit the doctor to evaluate the scars or traces of wounds and determine the type of laser used to remove them.
  3. Tell the doctor about your medical history and any skin diseases you suffer from.
  4.  Inform your doctor of all medications and treatments such as if you used Accutane to treat acne.
  5. Stop smoking two weeks before the sessions because it affects the results of the sessions and the healing of the layers of the skin.
  6. Not taking blood thinners such as Aspirin or Ibuprofen…etc and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
  7. Do not take nutritional or herbal supplements, as well as vitamins, two weeks before the sessions.
  8. Apply the creams that the doctor will tell you to prepare the skin to respond to the laser.
  9. Make sure to clean the skin or take a bath before the session to clean the skin.
  10. Avoid applying cosmetics, skin care creams, or even deodorants before the laser session.
  11. Stay away from chemical peel sessions or collagen injections.
  12. Avoid removing hair from the targeted area with wax.
  13. Not being exposed to sunlight for a long time
  14. Avoid any products containing glycolic acid, or retinoids, two weeks before laser scar treatment.

Steps to laser scars removal in Hurghada

Removing the traces of accidents and scars with a laser in Hurghada
Removing the effects of accidents and scars in Hurghada (after 4 sessions)

As mentioned earlier, laser treatment does not take as long as surgical interventions. The steps of a laser scar treatment session are as follows:

First: Clean the place of the wound or scar

The doctor cleans the target area of the scar as well as the skin around it.

Second: local anesthesia

A local anesthetic is applied to the target area and it can be in the form of a local anesthetic injection under the skin or local anesthetic cream.

Third: protect the eyes

Wear laser eye goggles.

Fourth: Using the laser beams and directing them to the scar

The doctor places the laser beam on the scar area for a period ranging from 20 minutes to two hours, according to the treatment plan.

Fifth: Applying ointments

The doctor will apply ointments or bandages to the targeted area to soothe it.

Instructions after laser scar removal session in Hurghada

To reach the best results and not cause any complications, you must adhere to the instructions of the dermatologist at the Nadara Clinic in Hurghada after treating the effects of wounds, which are as follows:

  • Apply cold compresses to the treatment areas to reduce pain.
  • Do not wash the area for at least 8 hours after the session.
  • Follow the prescription written by your dermatologist, such as taking painkillers and applying antibiotics.
  • Do not touch the treated area and wash your hands with soap to eliminate bacteria.
  • Avoid trying to remove the scales.
  • Not being exposed to sunlight for a long time

Side effects after laser scar removal

Temporary side effects often occur after sessions, but do not worry, they quickly disappear according to the type of laser used as we have mentioned before. These symptoms are like:

  • feeling pain
  • Swelling and redness in the treated area.
  • Feeling itchy for a while.

When does the result of laser scar removal appear?

Laser stitching removal in Hurghada
Laser suture removal in Hurghada

You may be in a hurry and want to see the results of the wound treatment sessions, but it depends on the type of laser used and the extent of the scars and wounds treated. In addition, the result will be noticeable after the first session, but the permanent result appears after several sessions. So now you can get rid of traces of wounds.

What is the ideal time to do wound removal sessions?

Remove marks of the burns
Laser burn scar removal

If you have a scar or a wound anywhere on the body, only 3 or 4 weeks after the wound has healed, you can begin to treat it. But the wound should not be exposed to the sun while it is healing. It is preferable to intervene early, because early intervention is what makes treatment sessions for scars and costs less than after a long period. Despite this, scars and traces of old wounds are treated with the same efficiency, but with a duration of more sessions than recent ones. It is also possible to remove traces of wounds with a laser in Egypt at the Nadara Clinic in Hurghada, as well as remove the effects of burns with a laser. In addition to removing scars with a laser with the best dermatologists.

Who are not candidates for laser scars removal?

  1. Pregnant women.
  2. Lactating women.
  3. Patients with skin diseases such as vitiligo, herpes, psoriasis, cystic acne and contact dermatitis.
  4. Those who take acne treatment medications such as isotretinoin, where must wait six months before using the laser on the skin.
  5. People who have recently taken a tan.
  6. People who are allergic to light waves and lasers.

The cost of laser scar removal in Hurghada

The cost of removing scars with laser in Egypt is less expensive than outside Egypt, so many people with scars resort to Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology in Hurghada and the Red Sea. The effects of burns are also removed with a laser in Hurghada, and the cost ranges from 450 Egyptian pounds to 1250 Egyptian pounds, but this depends on many factors to determine the appropriate price in order to get rid of the effects of wounds, for example:

  • Experience of the treating Doctor.
  • The clinic's modern equipment.
  • The age of the patient, as determines the number of sessions and the response of the skin to the laser beams to produce collagen.
  • The degree, type and extent of scars and wounds.
  • The place of the scars on the body, where the response of the skin varies from one area of the body to another.
  • The number of laser sessions needed to remove marks of laser wounds.
  • Skin type and color.
  • The type of laser used, where the fractional laser is the most expensive type.

In the end, the laser has become indispensable today in all cosmetic clinics to treat many skin problems such as pigmentation treatment.frecklesold spots, melasma, traces of scars, as well as removal of traces of burns with laser...etc. Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology in Hurghada and the Red Sea is considered the best center for removing traces of wounds with laser in Hurghada due to its elite of the best dermatologists. In addition to the presence of many other cosmetic medical services such as filler and Botox And laser hair removal as well as the treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo and other skin diseases.


  1. How can I book an appointment for laser scars removal?

    You can contact us or send WhatsApp and book as soon as possible with the best-experienced doctors at Nadara clinic Dermatology in Hurghada.

  2. How many sessions do you need to get rid of scars with laser?

    The number of sessions varies from case to case according to the severity and size of the scars and the type of laser, and most cases often need 3 to 5 sessions.

  3. What type of laser is suitable for me and how is it determined?

    The dermatologist at Nadara Clinic evaluates the scars and the traces of wounds and determines the best method for laser scars removal in Hurghada, which suits the type, degree and location of your scars.

  4. Does the laser remove the scars permanently?

    The laser works to reduce the effects of wounds and scars and make them unnoticeable by renewing the skin cells in them.

  5. Does the laser remove stitches' traces?

    Yes, the laser removes the traces of old stitches.

  6. What are the prices of laser scars removal sessions in Hurghada?

    The prices of wound treatment sessions depend on several factors, the number of sessions, the age of the patient, the type of scar and its location in the body, as well as whether it is new or old. The prices of laser sessions to treat the effects of scars start from 450 Egyptian pounds, and the dermatologist determines the cost of treatment according to the type of laser used that matches these factors.

  7. When will the results of laser scars removal sessions appear?

    The result of the laser scars removal treatment in Hurghada will appear after the first session at Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology in Hurghada and the Red Sea. But the number of sessions suggested by the dermatologist must be maintained.

  8. What is the duration of treatment for the traces of wounds and scars?

    The duration of treatment of scars is not less than 4 to 6 months.

  9. How much does a laser session cost to remove scars on the face?

    This depends on the degree of the scar, its size and the age of the patient, so the doctor must evaluate it first to determine the type of laser and the number of sessions needed.

  10. Does laser cause cancer?

    The laser has become very popular in the cosmetic field, but the frequency used for laser rays does not penetrate the body, but only stops on the targeted skin layers. It has not been proven that the laser causes skin cancer or the like.

  11. What type of laser is used in Nadara Dermatology Clinic in Hurghada?

    Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology has the latest technologies and medical devices. The best types of laser scars removal in Nadara Clinic is the peeling and non-peeling lasers, as well as the fractional laser. The dermatologist determines what is appropriate for each case.

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