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Eyebrow lift in Hurghada

Eyebrows define the eye, highlight its beauty, and affect facial expressions, now you can get eyebrow lift in Hurghada.

Eyebrows are complementary and defining for the eyes and the entire face, as they affect the appearance greatly, but with age or other factors, the eyebrows may sag, which leads to an unattractive frowning appearance, but you can lift the eyebrows higher by eyebrow lift in Hurghada. At Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Aesthetics, you will find the best eyebrow lift doctors in Hurghada. The plastic surgeon will choose the best medical methods that suit your condition, whether surgical or non-surgical. Where there is Best plastic surgeon in Hurghada At Nadara Clinic. There are also the latest technologies and modern devices that help in raising the eyebrows to restore the natural appearance, taut skin, and impart youth and health to the face.

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Reasons for sagging eyebrows

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There are many factors that affect the eyebrows and make them need to be raised, such as:

  • growing old.
  • Muscle relaxation.
  • Stress and exhaustion.
  • drooping eyelids;
  • Genetic factors.
  • Increased muscle activity.
  • Too much frowning.
  • Close the distance between the eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • Eyebrow asymmetry.

What is the process of eyebrow lift?

brow lift in Hurghada is a popular procedure for treating sagging facial eyebrows and improving the appearance of the face. There are also natural methods and surgical methods that depend on your condition and the evaluation of the plastic surgeon at Nadara Clinic in Hurghada. Where the raised eyebrows are considered more youthful and lively, and give the appearance of taut skin that is free of sagging. In addition, it helps treat forehead wrinkles and signs of ageing.

Instructions before eyebrow lift in Hurghada

The best plastic surgery doctors in Hurghada should be chosen because the operation is delicate. Nadara Clinic provides the best general surgeon who offers brow lift service in Hurghada.

  1. Inform the plastic surgeon about your medical history and the treatments you take.
  2. Perform the necessary analyzes required by the doctor.
  3. Avoid sunlight.
  4. Not removing hair from the target area.
  5. Avoid painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs that cause blood thinning.
  6. stop smoking.
  7. Stop taking nutritional supplements and vitamins.

Ways of eyebrow lift in Hurghada

Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology in Hurghada and the Red Sea provides you with multiple ways to eyebrow lift. Where there are surgical methods and ways to raise eyebrows without surgery. But after evaluating the case, the plastic surgeon can determine the method that suits your case, such as:

First: Eyebrow lift with filler in Hurghada

Eyebrow lift filler injection is one of the best non-surgical cosmetic treatments, as it works to fill the gaps between the tissues, which tightens the skin. Therefore, it treats sagging and lifting the eyebrows. The method of raising eyebrows with fillers depends on the use of certain fillers that suit the patient’s condition and merge between the cells to fill any void. In addition, it stimulates skin tissues to produce collagen, which nourishes the skin and restores its freshness and youth. This will help tighten the skin as well as remove forehead wrinkles and fine lines, as the skin of the forehead and lower eyebrows is thinner than the rest of the skin, and fine lines appear on it quickly.

Types of eyebrow lift filler in Hurghada

There are many types of filler eyebrow lift in Hurghada at Nadara Clinic, some of which are manufactured synthetically, while others are extracted naturally. Eyebrow filler in Hurghada will choose the best type of filler suitable for your eyebrow condition. Among the most important types are the following, such as:

  • dermal fillers hyaluronic acidIt is considered one of the most popular fillers, as it has many benefits for the skin and treats many skin problems. In addition, its effect may last for a period of 6 months or one to two years, depending on each case. Ramen is also considered the most popular hyaluronic filler product, Restylane and Juvéderm.
  • Permanent synthetic fillers: These fillers are based on synthetic ingredients related to silicone derivatives that make up the permanent fillers. It is characterized as a permanent filler whose results last, but a cosmetic doctor with practical experience must be chosen so as not to make mistakes because it cannot be dissolved or corrected like temporary fillers. Examples of synthetic filler products include Bellafill, Sculptra, silicone, and Radiesse.
  • Collagen filler: Collagen filler is widely used to raise eyebrows and treat skin problems such as sagging skin and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. There is also a natural filler that is extracted from the patient himself, and an animal filler that is extracted from cow hides. The duration of collagen filler results lasts from 4 to 6 months.
  • Self-injection filler: It is considered the safest type of filler for doctors because it is extracted from the human body, so there is no risk of an allergic reaction from the body. Its results last for a longer period.

How to lift eyebrows with fillers in Hurghada

  1. The plastic surgeon sterilizes and cleans the target area.
  2. The doctor determines where to inject the filler.
  3. The area is numbed with local anesthesia so that the patient does not feel any tingling. The doctor waits for the anesthetic to work.
  4. The filler injection doctor uses fine needles in Nadara Clinic and gradually injects the filler.
Side effects after brow lift with filler

You will feel some side effects after injecting the filler to raise the eyebrows, but by following the instructions of the plastic surgeon in Hurghada, the effects will disappear within a week. These effects include some swelling, redness, and bruising.

Results of eyebrow lift with filler before and after

The results will appear clearly and the difference in eyebrow lift with filler before and after. Where the skin around the eye and forehead will become taut. The eyebrows are raised upwards without drooping the eyelids, and it is also used to inflate the lips. The final results will appear more clearly after the disappearance of the side effects of the filler injection within a week, and you will notice the difference in raising the eyebrows with the filler before and after the procedure.

Advantages of eyebrow lifting with fillers before and after

  • Less risks compared to surgery.
  • Amazing and natural results that may last for two years, depending on the condition of each skin and the followed routine.
  • A quick procedure that does not require time.
  • No need for total anesthesia and its risks.
  • Minor side effects.
  • Lower cost than other cosmetic procedures or surgeries.
  • You can go about your normal day as it does not require much recovery period.

Benefits of brow filler injections before and after

Second: Eyebrow lifting with Botox in Hurghada

Botox is considered one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures, as it is spread all over the world because of its amazing advantages and results. Where Botox is extracted from a bacteria called botulinum toxin, which works to prevent nerve signals between the brain and muscles. Which helps Botox to paralyze the movement of the muscles that lead to the appearance of wrinkles, as well as the brow drooping down. Therefore, it is considered an effective treatment, as eyebrow lifting Botox is one of the effective treatments at Nadara Center for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology in Hurghada and the Red Sea. And the steps of Botox to raise the eyebrows in Hurghada are as follows:

  1. Doctor sterilizes Botox injections in Nadara Clinic of the target area.
  2. The doctor determines the injection sites required for eyebrow lift.
  3. The area is anesthetized with local anesthesia and wait a few minutes for the anesthesia to take effect.
  4. The doctor uses fine needles and injects Botox into specific areas to lift the eyebrows up.
Side effects after eyebrow lift in Hurghada with Botox

You will feel some effects as a result of eyebrow lift botox in Hurghada at Nadara Clinic. These effects will disappear within 3 to 5 days. These symptoms include bruising, swelling and slight pain.

Botox eyebrow lift result before and after

The result will appear immediately after the end of the session, but with some swelling and bruising, which will disappear and the final result will appear within a week.

Third: laser eyebrow lift in Hurghada

Laser is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment used by the best cosmetic medicine doctors in Hurghada at Nadara Dermatology, Laser and Aesthetic Center. It is distinguished by its effective results and its versatility in treating many skin diseases and skin and body problems. Therefore, the doctor uses the laser in eyebrow lift service by shining laser beams on the targeted area around the eyebrows. The laser creates very precise incisions that do not leave scars, then the skin is tightened, excess fat is removed, and sagging is eliminated. Which gives effective results that replace eyebrow lift surgery. Steps to lift eyebrows with laser in Hurghada

  1. The cosmetic doctor sterilizes the eyebrows and forehead area well.
  2. He applies a local anesthetic cream around the eyebrows and on the forehead.
  3. The laser doctor at Nadara beauty Center in Hurghada uses a laser device in degrees that suit the patient's condition on the targeted area.

Side effects after eyebrow lift laser in Hurghada

You will feel some temporary side effects of swelling and pain, but the side effects will end within a week of the eyebrow lift laser session in Hurghada.

The result of eyebrow lifting before and after laser

You will notice an eyebrow lift when comparing its condition to the pictures with the plastic doctor, between eyebrow lift before and after. The side effects will end within a week, and the eyebrow will appear more youthful, as well as wrinkles will disappear from the forehead, and you will enjoy the appearance of an attractive face and eyes.

Fourth: Lifting eyebrows with surgical threads in Hurghada

Eyebrow lift with surgical threads is a cosmetic surgery, so you should choose the best eyebrow lift doctors in Hurghada. Where eyebrow lift surgery with thread needs the most intelligent general surgeon Offers eyebrow threading service. The idea of raising eyebrows with threads in Hurghada depends on inserting cosmetic threads in specific areas of the face and around the eyebrows, and then tightening the muscles and skin with them. But as mentioned, the best plastic surgery doctors in Hurghada must be chosen. The steps to raise eyebrows with threads include the following:

  1. The plastic surgeon at Nadara Clinic cleans the eyebrows and forehead area thoroughly with a medicated solution.
  2. The doctor uses local anesthesia on the face so that the patient does not feel any pain.
  3. The plastic surgeon makes an incision in the front of the forehead, as well as another incision above the eyebrow.
  4. The best general surgeon inserts the medical cosmetic sutures from the incision above the eyebrow and removes them from the forehead incision at the hairline.
  5. The tissue is tightened with thread and tied well, and the surgical incision is closed.
Side effects after eyebrow lift with threads in Hurghada

You will feel some side effects as a result of making the incision and inserting the threads, as well as lifting the eyebrows with threads, but the plastic surgeon in Hurghada will prescribe the necessary treatments for you. Among the most important side effects will be minor pain, redness, swelling and some bruising, which will go away by following the instructions of the best eyebrow lift doctors in Hurghada.

As a result of lifting eyebrows with threads

The result will appear after the eyebrow lift with threads in Hurghada after the end of the recovery period and the disappearance of bruises and swelling within two weeks. However, care must be taken to follow the instructions of the plastic surgeon in Hurghada until you recover and obtain satisfactory results.

Fifth: Collagen injection for the face to raise the eyebrow

Collagen is a natural component of human skin, but with age and skin exposure to various factors, collagen decreases, skin sag, and muscles weaken. Therefore, you can increase collagen by injecting collagen into the face at Nadara Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology Center. The syringe method is a simple method, where local anesthesia is done with garlic. The plastic surgeon injects the specific places, which works to tighten the skin and renew cells.

In addition to stimulating the production of natural collagen, which helps in the treatment of droopy eyebrows in Hurghada at Nadara Clinic. You will get impressive results within 3 days after the swelling and redness disappear, and the results may continue according to the instructions of the eyebrow lift doctor in Hurghada. One of the most important examples of collagen products is Zyderm or Smoderm.

Sixth: Eyebrow lifting surgeries

As we mentioned, there is more than one way to raise and tighten the eyebrows, as well forehead reductionThe best eyebrow lift doctors in Hurghada choose the appropriate method for your condition. It can be treated without surgery, and there are also surgical eyebrow lifts. Its results are permanent and effective, but a plastic surgeon with experience and practical competence must be chosen. Nadara Center for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology has the best plastic surgeon in Hurghada. The steps of eyebrow lift surgery in Hurghada include the following:

  • The surgeon sterilizes the forehead area and around the eyes.
  • Plastic surgery doctors in Hurghada use local or general anesthesia, according to what the doctor assesses for the patient's condition.
  • There is more than one method used in surgery as follows:
  1. Direct brow lift: Here, the surgeon makes an incision just above the brow, then tightens the muscles and raises the brow and forehead.
  2. Coronal brow lift: The surgeon makes an incision from ear to ear that passes behind the hairline and then pulls the forehead up.
  3. Raising the forehead and eyebrow: This is done by making an incision before the hairline at the top of the forehead, then the tissues are stretched and lifted to be lifted up with it.
  4. Temporal brow lift: The brow lift surgeon in Hurghada makes an incision just above the temple area and tightens the muscles and tissues to lift the brow.
  5. Endoscopic brow lift: This surgery is done more accurately, as the surgeon uses brow lift in Hurghada laparoscopically to tighten muscles and tissues and raise the eyebrow.
  • The incision is sutured and the wound is closed.
  • In the end, you can leave the clinic or hospital as soon as the surgeon is satisfied with the stability of your health and the success of eyebrow lift surgery in Hurghada or forehead lift surgery in Hurghada.
Side effects after eyebrow lift surgery in Hurghada

It is normal after any surgery to feel some temporary side effects as a result of the demise of anesthesia, such as pain, some swelling and redness. But within two or three weeks, these effects will disappear. The plastic surgeon at Nadara Clinic in Hurghada will also prescribe the necessary treatments, including antibiotics and analgesics.

The result of eyebrow lift surgery in Hurghada

You will get immediate results after undergoing forehead lift surgery in Hurghada and eyebrow lift, and once the recovery period is over within a month, you will reach the final result, taut and raised eyebrows and attractive eyes.

Instructions after eyebrow lift in Hurghada

You should follow the instructions of plastic surgeons in Hurghada after a brow lift in order to protect yourself from resorting to medical brow lift treatments. You can also prevent eyebrow laxity from the beginning with the following natural methods, such as:

  1. Drink appropriate amounts of water.
  2. Avoid frowning for long periods.
  3. The treatments prescribed by your doctor will be applied at the time.
  4. Lift face up on a high pillow.
  5. Keep away from heat and warm water.
  6. Avoid getting eyebrow tattoos Eyebrow tattoo removal process.
  7. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun so as not to damage the skin.
  8. Avoid sleeping on the face.

Eyebrow lift price

The cost of an eyebrow lift in Hurghada varies according to several factors, such as:

  1. eyebrow condition.
  2. Patient age.
  3. The method of raising eyebrows, such as surgical eyebrow lifting, eyebrow lifting with threads, eyebrow lifting with fillers, eyebrow lifting with Botox or collagen, and others.
  4. The experience and competence of the plastic surgeon in raising eyebrows.
  5. The reputation of the hospital or clinic as well as its patient reviews.
  6. Clinic or hospital equipment.

In the end, you can now enjoy a more youthful and attractive face after eyebrow lift surgery in Hurghada. Where the eyebrows define facial expressions and make them sharper or more beautiful and attractive. So you will get high and symmetrical eyebrows in Nadara Clinic in Hurghada.


  1. How can I book an eyebrow lift appointment?

    You can contact us or send WhatsApp And book the soonest time with the best eyebrow lift doctors in Hurghada at Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Aesthetics.

  2. How do you raise one eyebrow?

    Eyebrow asymmetry can be treated by several surgical methods such as endoscopic eyebrow lift, direct eyebrow lift, temporal eyebrow lift, and suture eyebrow lift. As well as without surgery, such as raising the eyebrow with Botox, lifting the eyebrow with fillers, or injecting collagen to raise the eyebrow.

  3. Is it possible to raise the eyebrow with fillers?

    Yes, Eyebrow Lifting Filler is frequently used, as it is characterized by its high efficiency and quick results, and the recovery period is shorter.

  4. Can eyebrows be raised?

    Yes, eyebrows can be raised in many ways, but the best plastic surgery doctors in Hurghada must be chosen at Nadara Clinic. Where it is possible to raise the eyebrows with fillers, raise the eyebrows with Botox, raise the eyebrows with direct surgery, raise the eyebrows with surgical threads, and others.

  5. How long does an eyebrow lift last?

    The duration of the results of eyebrow lifting varies according to the method of lifting it, as Botox lasts for a period of 3 to 6 months, while the filler lasts from 6 months to two years, and a surgical eyebrow lift may last for a much longer period than that.

  6. Can eyebrows be raised naturally?

    Eyebrows can be raised naturally, but patience and continuity in eyebrow raising exercises are required to combat muscle sagging and weakness.

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