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J-plasma in Hurghada

J-plasma in Hurghada is the latest technology that gives immediate and lasting results for years.

Many technologies and medical devices have recently appeared that are used in the world of cosmetics without the need to risk plastic surgery, and among the most important modern cosmetic techniques is J-plasma technique in Hurghada or plasmaJet. It is a medical device that relies on radio frequency energy as well as helium gas and reaches deep layers in the skin. Therefore, it is considered a safe and effective treatment in tightening the skin without operations with the J-plasma device.

It also dispenses with plastic surgery and has many benefits for the skin, such as tightening the skin and getting rid of sagging in different parts of the body. Therefore, Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology provides you with the best J-plasma doctors in Hurghada and the Red Sea. In the end, you will get impressive results in less time without pain and at an affordable cost. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about J-plasma technology in Hurghada.

4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 531 reviews)

What is J-Plasma?

Instant results during an eyelid tightening session
Instant results during an eyelid tightening session

J-Plasma, or PlasmaJet, is a cosmetic medical device whose idea is to use Helium gas With Radio Frequency (RF) energy. In addition, it targets three layers of the skin in depth, which increases its effectiveness and accurate results. This technique is also called (high-definition ion sculpting), where the most important and main use of it is to get rid of sagging skin and accumulated fat, and to tighten the skin. It also works to restore the skin's youth by getting rid of pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines with the J-plasma device.

Therefore, this device is considered a new leap in the world of cosmetics, as the skin tightening process is carried out only through a very precise incision and eliminates the risks of surgical operations. Plasma jet technology is characterized by skin tightening and sagging. In addition, it can be used on most parts of the body such as the face, nose, eyelid, arms, neck, buttocks, and abdomen. Therefore, the J-plasma device in Hurghada is considered a comprehensive device for liposuction and body sculpting at the same time.

How does J-plasma technology work?

How the J-plasma technique works in Hurghada depends on the use of a device with a pointed head, in which very precise holes are made in the targeted area, which is often a sagging area. The next step is to operate the device, where the pointed head heats the air between the device and the skin by radio frequency energy, which is converted into heat energy. Helium gas is released at the same time as radio waves, which leads to the generation of thermal energy that may exceed 80 degrees Celsius. So air molecules in contact with the skin are ionized. But helium works to reduce this heat and cool the area in half a second so that no damage and burns occur. 

As a result, these radio frequencies, in the form of an electric current, affect the deep and superficial layers of the skin in less than a second. Where it dissolves fatty accumulations and tissue shrinkage. In addition to stimulating the fibroblast cells in the dermis layer to produce collagen and elastin and renew the superficial layers of the skin.

The PlasmaJet device is considered safe, but in the hands of doctors who are qualified to use it, as it is considered a weapon in the hands of the inexperienced. Therefore, Nadara Clinic is characterized by the presence of the best plastic surgeon in Hurghada with practical experience, competence, qualifications and high scientific certificates. Nadara Clinic is keen to achieve your goal with a selection of the best dermatologists and plastic surgeons in Hurghada and the Red Sea.

Where to use J-Plasma in the body

The Plasmajet technique in Hurghada is characterized by the possibility of applying it to all parts of the body safely, but by a plastic surgeon with experience and practical competence. Among the most important places of the body for which the PlasmaJet device is used are:

  • face area.
  • The neck.
  • The arms.
  • The abdomen.
  • Buttocks and sides.
  • breast area.
  • thighs;

Advantages of plasmage technology

J-Plasma technology in Hurghada is distinguished from other cosmetic techniques and treatments as follows:

  • You do not need surgical intervention.
  • Fast technique.
  • Its results are fast and immediate.
  • A safe technique that can be applied to several places on the body safely.
  • You will not need a long recovery period like facial plastic surgery and others.
  • Do not cause pain.
  • Its results last for a long time.
  • Stimulates the skin to renew itself by producing collagen and elastin.
  • It is used for all skin types.
  • Its cost is average.
  • It does not leave traces of scars, such as in the case of surgery.

The benefits of J-plasma technology for the skin

The use of J-Plasma technology in Hurghada at Nadara Clinic is the magic solution to treat many skin and skin problems in the face or in all parts of the body. Among the most important benefits of J-plasma technology in Hurghada for the skin, such as:

  • Tightening sagging skin in all parts of the body such as the arms, abdomen, buttocks, and sides.
  • Skin cell renewal by stimulating the dermis production of collagen and elastin.
  • Eyelid sagging.
  • Getting rid of pigmentation.
  • Eyebrow lift and eyebrow drooping treatment.
  • Reducing the nose.
  • Getting rid of wrinkles, fine lines, and signs of aging in the face around the mouth, around the eyes, and around the nose.
  • Large pores treatment.
  • Remove the effects of acne, pimples and scars.
  • Getting rid of skin appendages.
  • Skin stretch marks treatment.
  • Defining the jaw or defining the chin by raising the jaw line.
  • Helps remove skin tags.

Candidates to use the J-Plasma machine in Hurghada

As we mentioned, J-plasma technology in Hurghada is a safe technology and is used for all skin types. Among the most important candidates for this procedure are:

  • A lot of weight loss in a short period, which leads to sagging skin.
  • Unwillingness to undergo plastic surgery.
  • In the event that there are contraindications to plastic surgery.
  • People with good health who do not suffer from vascular diseases, diabetes or blood thinners.
  • who do not have skin diseases.

Preparations before performing the J-plasma technique in Hurghada

  1. J-Plasma technique sessions can be conducted in Hurghada in a hospital, clinic or medical center equipped with the latest equipment and technology. A plastic doctor with experience and practical competence, in addition to scientific certificates and qualifications, must be chosen to conduct a J-Plasma session in Hurghada. Nadara Clinic Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology is the best beauty clinic in Hurghada that you can search for and read patient reviews and their level of satisfaction.
  2. Tell your plastic surgeon your medical history and any medications or treatments you take.
  3. The anesthesiologist at Nadara Center will ask you for some tests to ensure that there are no obstacles preventing the application of J-Plasma to you.
  4. You must follow the doctor's instructions before starting the sessions as follows:
  5. Stop smoking.
  6. Avoid exposure to the sun.
  7. Do not apply creams or cosmetics without consulting a doctor.
  8. Avoid hair removal a week before sessions so as not to cause skin irritation.

J-Plasma technology uses in Hurghada

The J-Plasma device is characterized by its multiple uses in cosmetic medicine, so the best plastic surgeons and dermatologists rely on it. Among the most important uses of the PlasmaJet device in Hurghada are as follows:

First: J-Plasma technology for the face

J-Plasma technology is used in Hurghada to treat many skin problems in the face. However, a plastic surgeon with experience and practical and scientific competence must be chosen. Where the doctor evaluates the condition of the skin well and identifies the target sites for the J-Plasma technique. J-Plasma is used to lift the face under the influence of local anesthesia. Then he directs the pointed tip in the direction of the skin, but at a small distance, and turns it on. It will have some flaking clicks within a week and then see the final results.

You will get acne and wart free skin. J-Plasma is also used for pigmentation and skin renewal. Where it stimulates fibrous cells in the dermis layer to produce more collagen and elastin to renew the surface layer and treat its problems. It also works to tighten sagging skin in the face and uses J-Plasma for wrinkles around the mouth and nose. The plasma jet for the face also works to get rid of fine lines in the forehead and around the eye.

Second: the plasmage technique to reduce the nose

The use of the plasmage technique is not limited to treating facial skin problems only, but also the effectiveness of the plasmage technique for the nose has been shown to reduce the nose. As we mentioned that radiofrequency frequencies are transformed into great heat energy, which causes it to affect tissues and cells. As a result of this heat, the cells shrink, which helps to reduce the nose. However, care must be taken to choose the best plastic surgeon in Hurghada to obtain accurate results and sculpt the nose in a way that is consistent with the face.

Third: J-Plasma technique to tighten the eyelids in Hurghada

It is considered one of the most common places where the eyelid J-Plasma device is used. Where it works to treat drooping eyelids that appear with age, loss of skin elasticity and lack of elastin production. It is distinguished by working to tighten the eyelids without operations with the J-Plasma device. Where radiofrequency waves generate an electric current that turns into large thermal energy that shrinks cells and tightens the skin. In addition to stimulating the production of elastin and collagen to increase the elasticity of the skin and not sag it. Get the best eyelid lift result in Hurghada with the best eyelid lift doctors at Nadara Clinic.

Fourth: J-Plasma technique to raise eyebrows

We also mentioned that J-Plasma has many benefits and is used safely in many areas of the body. Therefore, it is used to raise the eyebrows with the J-Plasma device, such as the J-Plasma technique to tighten the eyelids, as it shrinks the cells and tightens the skin, which eliminates sagging eyebrows and works to raise the eyebrows with the plasmJet device.

Fifth: J-Plasma technology for the neck

The neck is the part of the face that shows signs of aging, such as sagging skin and wrinkles. Therefore, you can now have a firmer skin and a neck free from sagging with the J-Plasma technology to tighten the neck in the neck.

Sixth: J-Plasma technology for the chin

With age, facial contouring disappears as a result of sagging skin and lack of skin elasticity, as well as fat accumulation. But with the J-Plasma device in Hurghada, you can define the jaw and define the chin in a way that highlights the face. In order to get a more youthful and energetic face.

Seventh: J-Plasma for the breast area

PlasmaJet technology is the ideal solution for sagging breasts, as it works to tighten the skin and lift the breasts. It is also used for men to treat gynecomastia with the J-Plasma device. Therefore, it is considered an effective treatment and replaces the surgical treatment of gynecomastia in men.

Eighth: J-Plasma technique for sagging abdomen, buttocks and thighs

Sagging in the abdomen and buttocks is the most common concern for both men and women. Therefore, you can now have a body sculpting session with J-Plasma, as you will not need plastic surgery for liposuction and skin tightening, because how the device works differs. The J-plasma device is characterized by its immediate results, which last for years, following the instructions of the plastic surgeon, as it eliminates sagging skin and fat accumulated in the sides and buttocks.

J-Plasma technology steps in Hurghada

  1. The plastic surgeon at Nadara Clinic in Hurghada sterilizes the targeted area.
  2. The targeted area is anesthetized with local anesthesia, and the doctor waits from a quarter to half an hour for the anesthetic to take effect.
  3. The plastic doctor passes the pointed tooth or the pen in the J-Plasma device on the target area, but does not touch the skin. Where it is only 5 mm from the skin.
  4. The doctor operates the device, which generates a high-voltage radiofrequency electric current with helium gas for cooling. This will leave small dots on the skin which will disappear within a week on their own.
  5. The esthetician will apply a cooling gel and will also tell you about antibiotic cream for the skin and the need to apply a bandage.
  6. The PlasmaJet session will usually take 15 to 30 minutes, depending on each area, its area, and its condition.
  7. In the end, the plastic surgeon at Nadara Clinic in Hurghada will set with you the date for the next J-Plasma session, as well as to follow up on the results.
Side effects after applying the plasmage technique in Hurghada

We also mentioned that the J-plasma device in Hurghada works to release high thermal energy, which may lead to some side effects while the skin is recovering. But it only lasts a week and disappears by following the instructions of the plastic surgeon at Nadara beauty Center for Dermatology and Cosmetic Laser. Among these side effects are:

  • Skin redness.
  • skin infections;
  • The appearance of pitting on the epidermis, which will peel off and disappear.
  • The pain is simple, but with taking the painkillers prescribed for you by the plastic surgeon at Nadara beauty Clinic it will go away.

The results of the J-Plasma technique in Hurghada

The results will appear immediately, but with some side effects such as pitting or peeling and inflammation, but following the instructions of the plastic surgeon, they will disappear within 7 to 10 days. Then the results appear gradually within two weeks of the first session and continue to develop with increased secretion of collagen and elastin.

How many sessions of J-plasma technology in Hurghada?

Results often appear after one session within two weeks of its procedure. In the event that another plasmaage session is needed, it should be preferred between the two sessions from 3 to 4 months, as determined by the plastic surgeon at Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology.

How long do the results of J-plasma sessions last?

The J-Plasma technique in Hurghada is distinguished by its continuous results for many years, but you can do a refresher session every year by consulting the best plastic surgeons in the Nadara Clinic in Hurghada. Therefore, it may last for a period ranging from 3 to 5 years, depending on your following a healthy routine and the instructions of the cosmetic, dermatologist, and nutritionist at Nadara Clinic.

The plastic doctor's instructions after using the J-Plasma device

If you are keen to reach the best results after applying the J-Plasma technique in Hurghada, you should choose the best experienced plastic surgeons. Care must also be taken to follow their instructions after the session, so as not to cause complications and to reach the results you aspire to. Among the most important of these instructions are:

  1. Avoid exposing the target area to direct sunlight.
  2. Apply a sunscreen with a high protection factor, with the advice of a plastic surgeon.
  3. If you have applied the J-Plasma technique to tighten the eyelids, you must wear sunglasses to protect the eye area.
  4. You can apply cold compresses to the targeted area after consulting your doctor.
  5. You can use moisturizing creams for the skin and use antibiotic creams that the doctor prescribed to you, as well as how to change them.
  6. Avoid applying creams or cosmetics without consulting the attending physician.
  7. Do not attempt to peel off scales or dents caused by electric current and thermal energy generated from it.
  8. Avoid touching the treated area so as not to cause infection or complications.
  9. Keep the treated area constantly clean.
  10. The doctor may advise you to wear a corset or bandage and change it frequently, depending on the target location in the body.

Cases that should not be subject to J-Plasma sessions

The J-Plasma technique in Hurghada is a safe technique, but there are some cases that should not be subjected to this technique so as not to cause complications. Among the most important of these cases are the following:

  • People with skin diseases such as eczema.
  • who suffer from blood clotting.
  • People with diabetes, skin cancer or epilepsy.
  • who suffer from vascular diseases.
  • Those who have active infections, pimples, warts, or active acne.
  • Patients with open wounds in the epidermis.
  • Pregnant and lactating women.
  • Those with autoimmune diseases.
  • Those who have metal implants such as those in the teeth.

In the end, the J-Plasma technology in Hurghada or PlasmaJet is one of the technologies that made a big change in the field of body sculpting. It dispenses with liposuction and body sculpting, in addition to treating many superficial skin problems, including the effects of acne, sagging skin, wrinkles, and pigmentation. As it affects the deep layers and accumulated fat, as well as the dermis layer and the surface layer, which makes it an effective treatment that does not require surgical intervention and gives immediate and permanent results. So book your appointment now with the best plastic surgeons at Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Aesthetics, and get attractive skin and a slender body free of sagging.


  1. How can I book an appointment for a J-Plasma session?

    You can contact us or send WhatsApp And book the closest time with the best dermatologists and cosmetologists at Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology in Hurghada and the Red Sea.

  2. How long do J-plasma results last?

    The plasmage technique in Hurghada is characterized by the fact that its results are immediate and appear immediately after the end of the side effects within a week of the session. It also lasts for a significant period of two to five years. According to your follow-up to the instructions of the plastic surgeon at Nadara Center for Dermatology, Laser and Aesthetics.

  3. What is the J-Plasma technique?

    J-Plasma device with a pointed tip that looks like a pen. Its idea depends on issuing electrical energy by means of high-intensity radio frequencies at a short distance from the target area. Helium gas is released, which cools the area as soon as the electrical energy is converted into high thermal energy that reaches all layers of the skin. As a result, it works to shrink the skin, tighten the skin, get rid of sagging, and stimulate the dermis layer to secrete collagen and elastin to treat pigmentation, scar effects, and regeneration of superficial skin cells.

  4. What is the J-Plasma to reduce the nose?

    PlasmaJet is used to reduce the nose and a non-surgical cosmetic medical device that emits radio frequency waves that generate high heat in addition to issuing helium gas, which work to reach the deep as well as superficial layers of the skin, get rid of accumulated fat, and sculpt and reduce the nose.

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