Nadara Clinic

Beauty and dermatology center in Hurghada

Nadara Beauty Center for dermatology, laser and cosmetology in Hurghada, one of the most important Egyptian beauty centers. A team of specialists and doctors provide many services with the provision of the latest equipment and technologies.

The best freshness beauty center for dermatology, laser and cosmetology beauty centers In Hurghada and the Red Sea.

We provide you with the latest equipment with the best dermatologists and cosmetic experts in Egypt who are available around the clock to serve you.

Our mission at Nadhara Beauty Center for dermatology, cosmetology and laser is to provide the best services and medical care with the use of the latest cosmetic technologies in the world.

Tandara Beauty Center has a team of specialists and experts who can accurately diagnose your condition and determine the most appropriate treatment method for you.

Our first concern is your safety and satisfaction with the service provided to you by our center.

Therefore, we care about facilitating all dealing procedures and providing an accurate medical examination.

Nadara Beauty Center is fully equipped for cosmetic, general, cosmetic and non-surgical interventions and treatment of all skin diseases.

We provide many medical services of the highest quality and with highly experienced and professional doctors in the practice of rare and complex cosmetic and treatment services that require rapid medical intervention.


Freshness beauty center services

Laser treatments

Freshness Beauty Center provides you with the latest laser technology for use in many cosmetic treatments such as permanently removing excess and unwanted hair.

We also offer the best offers for laser skin regeneration to treat various problems facing the skin, such as skin lightening, removing scars and effects of grains, treating melasma and freckles.

We also offer the latest laser technologies to remove facial spots and subcutaneous fat, remove facial hair, hide wrinkles, tighten skin and treat various facial skin defects with laser.

We also provide techniques for treating scars and scar tissue resulting from line burns, laser jaw sculpting operations and laser hair loss.

We can also remove birthmarks and hemangiomas and treat the blood vessels on the face using a laser.

Freshness beauty center for treatment All skin diseases

The best doctors, dermatologists, and dermatologists collaborate to provide accurate diagnosis and advanced modern treatments.

We offer both surgical and non-surgical treatments for acne scars, skin tags and moles removal.

Treatment of skin cysts, chicken pox, allergies, skin infections and various skin diseases.

The Nadhara Center is also fully prepared to deal with cases of pediatric dermatological diseases and surgeries.

Skin care

Children's skin is the dream of every ladies, but the dream can become a reality with Tandra Beauty Center.

We can treat all skin problems without surgical intervention such as aFor deep chemical peeling of the skin Filler injections, Botox, anti-wrinkle treatments, and facial exfoliation.

We provide quick treatments for dark circles, pimples, boils, scaling, and more.

We also provide complete care for all types of oily, sensitive and dry skin.

We have specialized experts to provide modern techniques to treat wrinkles around the eyes, unify skin tone, eliminate neck and face sagging, and tighten the face with threads.


Freshness Beauty Center for dermatology, laser and cosmetology provides you with the best specialists in diet and therapeutic nutrition to determine the appropriate and fastest treatment plan for the client's condition.

We treat cases of eating disorders, malnutrition and related problems such as anemia, lack of appetite, iron deficiency, anemia, osteoporosis and others.

We also provide diet plans, whether to lose weight or gain rapid weight, and recommend the best types of diet suitable for your condition.

We also provide a combination of full psychological support for the client, drug therapies, nutritional and therapeutic education and medical intervention in urgent cases that need it.

General Surgery

Tandara Beauty Center has clinics and operating rooms equipped and ready to receive various cases that require surgery at any time.

Nadhara Center pledged to provide the most skilled surgeons in the Arab world and the latest surgical techniques to perform all general surgery operations with extreme accuracy.

We provide urgent surgical interventions for thyroid conditions, breast and prostate surgeries, tumors, hernias and more.

Varicose veins, spider veins and all general surgery operations.

Hair care

And because hair is the crown of a woman, we have provided at Tadarah Beauty Center all the possibilities that restore your hair's lost luster and beauty.

At the center, we can treat hair loss, genetic baldness, alopecia, re-growth of void spaces and postpartum hair loss for women.

We also provide women with an accurate diagnosis of the main cause of precipitation and treatment of anemia or iron and calcium deficiency after childbirth.

We also do surgeries hair transplants The cultivation and modification of the shape of the eyebrows and the reduction of the scalp.

You'll get rid of your wigs after visiting us, we'll get your hair back in no time with more volume and stronger than before.

Freshness Beauty Center to coordinate the textures

Consistent texture is one of the most important signs of beauty, so we have provided at Nadara Beauty Center in Hurghada all treatments for body sculpting and harmonizing.

We were able to perform many successful liposuction procedures from different areas of the body.

As well as fat transplant operations in some areas, abdomen and thighs slimming and tightening, breast augmentation, breast reduction, butt augmentation and lifting, tightening of the two arm sagging and all body sculpting and body coordination operations.

Plastic surgery

In a short period of time, Nadara Beauty Center for dermatology, laser and cosmetology has achieved international fame in plastic surgery.

We have performed hundreds of successful plastic surgeries.

We have performed chin and cheek lifts, Botox, eyebrow and eyelid lift surgeries, and getting rid of cholesterol under the eyes.

We have successfully performed facelifts, jaw and face aesthetics for many clients, and treated wrinkles and sweating with Botox.

We also participated in surgical and non-invasive intervention to treat nail problems of the hands and feet.

Freshness Center for dermatology, laser and cosmetic surgery, the first in Hurghada and the Red Sea, is the best choice to restore radiance and youth to your look.

We offer strong offers and huge discounts for various cosmetic cases.

We are waiting for you around the clock, book your place with us and take advantage of the opportunity now.

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