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laser tattoo removal | Is it harmful to the skin?

Laser tattoo removal can significantly reduce its unwanted appearance with minimal side effects. The previous techniques to get rid of it were very difficult, so some people do not resort to it for fear of its damage. But at Nadara Dermatology, Cosmetic and Laser Center in Hurghada, you are in the right place to get rid of the tattoo.

Laser tattoo removal can significantly reduce its unwanted appearance with minimal side effects.

Previous techniques to get rid of it were very difficult, so some people do not resort to it for fear of its damage.

But at Nadara Dermatology, Cosmetic and Laser Center in Hurghada, you are in the right place to get rid of the tattoo.

In this article, we will learn about how this technique works on the skin. And what are its benefits? Is it painful or not?

Does it cause any complications or damage to the skin?

How does laser tattoo removal technology work?

The dermatologist begins by cleaning and sterilizing the skin well before the start of the session to remove any impurities and prevent infection.

Laser beams use focused bursts of energy to heat the tattoo under the skin, which works by breaking up the pigments in the skin with a high-intensity beam of light.

Black tattoo pigment absorbs all laser wavelengths, making it the easiest color to treat.

The smaller particles can then be eliminated naturally by the body's immune system.

Other colors can only be treated with specific lasers based on the color of the dye.

The number of treatments you will need depends on the age, size and color of the tattoo. The color of your skin and the depth of the dye will also affect the removal technique.

The total number of sessions may be from 7 to 10, and full results are visible after 6 to 8 weeks.

The most popular types of lasers used for tattoo removal are:

  • The most popular type of Q-switched laser is more effective with darker colors than with lighter ones.
  • The second type, picosecond, is one of the modern types that contribute to removing tattoos of all kinds and colors.

Benefits of laser tattoo removal

This procedure is characterized as:

  • It can be applied in little time, and one session only requires a few minutes.
  • It is a non-surgical procedure.
  • Reduces the risk of scarring and infection.
  • It is one of the safest options for tattoo removal without serious complications.
  • It does not require a period of recovery or rest so you can continue your daily routine without stopping.

What to expect during laser tattoo removal?

  • You will be given eye protection glasses.
  • Your skin's reaction to the laser can be tested to determine the most effective energy for the treatment.
  • The dermatologist uses a laser to pass pulses of intense light through the upper layers of the skin, which can only be absorbed by the tattoo pigment.
  • Smaller tattoos require fewer pulses, while larger tattoos require more pulses to remove.
  • In any case, for complete laser tattoo removal, several treatments are required after each session.
  • Depending on the location of your tattoo, you may wish to apply a topical numbing cream before the sessions begin.

Instructions after laser tattoo removal sessions

You will want to follow any aftercare instructions given to you by your dermatologist at Nodaha Center in Hurghada, including:

  • You can use cold compresses immediately after the session to soothe the treated area.
  •  Applying an antibacterial cream or ointment for several days to help the skin heal and reduce the risk of infection, as well as using a bandage to protect the skin.
  • Sunscreen should be applied when you are outside.
  • The treated area should be kept dry and clean.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes.
  • Do not apply pressure to any crusts or blisters that may form.

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Candidates for laser tattoo removal

This can be determined by consulting a dermatologist at a freshness center in Hurghada, as it was possible to remove the tattoo in several ways.

But many of them left scars on the skin and caused an unsightly appearance.

If you had a tattoo and had it removed by other methods, you may benefit from laser treatment, and these treated tattoos may respond well if the scars are small.

Persons not eligible for this procedure

There are some cases that cannot be applied to laser tattoo removal sessions, including the following:

  • Persons under the age of 18.
  • Cases that suffer from some skin diseases such as eczema or herpes.
  • People with darker skin tone.
  • It cannot be used by pregnant or nursing mothers.

This does not mean that you cannot remove your tattoo if you have any of the above.

But you just need more time to find the best removal option for you.

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Disadvantages of laser tattoo removal

This procedure does not cause serious damage like many other tattoo removal methods, including excision.

But there are very few side effects such as redness and skin irritation, but it disappears in a short period of time, however, the following should be taken into account:

  • The site of tattoo removal may be at risk of infection, and there is a small chance that you will have permanent scarring.
  • You may end up with hypopigmentation, which means that the treated skin may be paler than the surrounding skin.
  • You can also have HyperpigmentationThis makes the affected skin darker than the rest of the skin.
  • This procedure can cause the skin to become more sensitive to light and sunlight after treatment.

Never attempt to remove a tattoo yourself or use a home remedy, at best the results will be ineffective, and at worst it can be dangerous for your skin.

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Will laser treatments remove tattoos completely?

Tattoos may not be completely removed, which is relatively common, as some tattoo dyes are laser-resistant, and some are very deep.

Some colors may be easier to remove than others, as blue and black tattoos respond more effectively than other colors because they are better at absorbing light.

Is laser tattoo removal painful?

Some people who have had tattoos reported varying levels of discomfort, and some said it was like getting the same tattoo.

Therefore, the dermatologist at the Freshness Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic and Laser in Hurghada prefers to use some form of anesthesia.

Depending on the location of the tattoo and your ability to improve the pain, a cream or a local injection can be applied.

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Why does tattoo removal take more than one session?

Professionals draw tattoos with more than several layers of ink, so it takes more than one session to remove them.

Because the laser breaks the ink pigment into smaller particles, it takes some time between sessions for the body to get rid of it.

The skin also needs time to heal, as laser treatments can sometimes cause swelling and ulcers, and may temporarily change your skin color.

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Frequently asked questions about laser tattoo removal

Is laser tattoo removal safe?

This procedure is a safe treatment option if you're generally healthy, and you're not currently pregnant or breastfeeding.

Speak with a dermatologist at a freshness center if you have any chronic medical conditions that may affect tattoo removal.

What is the cost of tattoo removal using laser?

The cost can depend on the size of your tattoo, how colorful it is, and how many sessions you need.

In conclusion, the Freshness Center in Hurghada in the Red Sea offers the best prices that are compatible with all customers for laser tattoo removal.

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