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Secret RF device in Hurghada

The Secret RF device in Hurghada is the secret to restoring the beauty and youth of your skin with fine needles, fractional laser, and radio waves.

The secret of skin beauty and freshness has recently appeared, which is the Secret Skin Device in Hurghada. It is also called the Fraxis Technology, because maintaining the beauty, youth, and freshness of the skin is a major challenge as a result of the many factors it is exposed to and aging. Therefore, the Nadharah Center provides you with the secret of restoring the beauty of the skin with the Secret Skin Device in Hurghada. . The skin goes through a variety of factors that affect its appearance and efficiency. These include aging and a lack of collagen and elastin production, as well as acne, pigmentation, and large pores, but you can now enjoy the secret of skin beauty with the Fraxis technique in Hurghada. Two technologies have been combined into one device so that you can get the greatest double benefit for your skin by using the Fraxis device or the Secret device.

Therefore, Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology provides you with the latest skin care techniques, Fraxis technology, so that you can enjoy new, radiant skin free of any problems. In addition to using it to treat the skin in different parts of the body. There is also the best plastic surgeon in Hurghada at Nadara Clinic, as he holds the highest qualifications and academic certificates, as well as practical experience. Learn with us about the most important benefits of the Fraxis technology for the skin and all the necessary information about the Secret device for the skin in Hurghada.

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4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 378 reviews)

Secret RF What is Fraxis technology?

Fraxis is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure. It is one of the latest cosmetic medical technologies that aims to improve the skin and treat all its defects. It is also called Secret RF, the secret technology, because it contains the secrets of skin beauty and restoring its radiance, youth, and freshness. Secret technology relies on the combination of two technologies: radio frequency waves and Micro-Needle technology, which helps in reaching the deep layers of the skin.

This also makes the benefits double for the skin. The wave rays penetrate the layers of the skin to get rid of dead skin and damaged cells. This helps eliminate signs of aging and get rid of the effects of acne scars and pigmentation. While the needles also stimulate the dermis layer To produce collagen, which renews skin cells and gives them vitality and freshness, not only for the face, but also for the chest and buttocks. Therefore, cosmetic doctors at Nadara Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic Clinic in Hurghada and the Red Sea recommend performing Fraxis sessions. To enjoy unparalleled, more youthful and radiant skin.

How the Secret RF device works in Hurghada

With the rapid development of technology in all fields, such as the emergence of the iPhone in its various versions, the technologies used in cosmetic medicine and skin care have also developed. Therefore, the Fraxis skin technology appeared in Hurghada, then it developed and Fraxis Du appeared. Therefore, we will tell you what distinguishes the two types and their importance in treating skin problems with Fraxis:

First: Fraxis RF micro needling technology

The Fraxis technology, or Secret Skin Device in Hurghada, is based on the use of micro-needle technology with Micro-Needle RF. There are 25 fine needles in the handle of the Fraxis device that work to penetrate the superficial layers of the skin until they reach the deeper layers of the skin. It penetrates the skin to approximately 5 to 3.5 mm. In addition to facilitating the access of sound waves to the deep layers of the skin, which raises the temperature in the layers of the skin and stimulates it to produce more collagen protein, which renews cells, and elastin, which increases skin elasticity.

Second: Fraxis Fractional RF micro needling technology

Fractional technology is similar to Fractional Pro technology, but Fractional Duo differs in that it relies on Fractional co2 laser technology in addition to Micro-needling technology, as well as radiofrequency waves. Therefore, this technology is called Secret Du or Fraxis Fractional RF micro needling. It includes three effective techniques to treat all skin problems and get rid of the effects of scars in an amazing way, in addition to stimulating the depths of the skin to produce collagen and treating problems deep in the layers of the skin.

Fractional laser also restores skin youthfulness. And combat the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and sagging, more effectively with Fraxis Fractional Laser, Frequency Radio Waves, and fine gold needles. The Secret Duo device also distinguishes itself from the Fraxis in that it goes deeper into the skin and treats larger areas in a faster manner as a result of combining fractional laser technology with fine gold needle technology and radiofrequency waves. Therefore, Nadara Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic Clinic in Hurghada and the Red Sea provides the best skin care techniques, such as the Secret Facial Technique, called the Fraxis device.

Benefits of the Secret RF device in Hurghada

Cosmetic doctors use the modern Fraxis technology because of its benefits and advantages for the skin in one device. The most important benefits of the sugar technique for the skin are the following:

  • Getting rid of damaged cells and tissues.
  • Treating wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Getting rid of sagging skin.
  • Anti-aging.
  • Large pores treatment.
  • Removing the effects of acne and scars resulting from wounds and accidents.
  • Restoring youthful skin.
  • Treatment of seborrheic keratosis.
  • Stimulating collagen and elastin production.
  • Activate blood circulation to nourish the skin.
  • Increase skin smoothness.
  • Getting rid of pigmentation.
  • Unification of skin color.
  • Giving the skin freshness and vitality.
  • Treatment of spider veins in the face

The candidates for using Secret RF device in Hurghada

The Fraxis technique is considered a safe technique and is suitable for everyone, but the most important candidates for performing Fraxis sessions in Hurghada at Nadara Clinic are the following:

  • Those who have begun to show signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, or sagging skin.
  • People who do not prefer a surgical face lift and are looking for an effective and safe non-surgical cosmetic procedure.
  • Who are looking for a face lift without undergoing surgical procedures and their risks.
  • Those who suffer from stretched skin or white lines in different places of the body.
  • Who has surgery scars anywhere on the body.
  • Those who suffer from pigmentation and dark spots.
  • Who suffers from scars in various places in the body.
  • In cases of sagging skin of the neck and chin.
  • Those who have large pores that distort the appearance of the face.
  • Who has acne scars.

Places to use Fraxis on the face and body

The Secret RF device in Hurghada is used for the skin as well as for other places in the body to treat many diverse problems such as:

  1. Face: Fighting signs of aging and treating various skin problems by getting rid of damaged cells to renew cells.
  2. Around the eyes: to treat wrinkles and fine lines.
  3. Chest to treat sagging upper chest.
  4. Buttocks: to treat sagging skin and tighten the skin.
  5. Chin and neck: Define the chin and neck.
  6. Cheeks: Treating skin problems such as scars, pigmentation, or large pores.
  7. Abdomen: remove birth scars.
  8. Vagina: Lighten and tighten the vagina and get rid of pigmentation.
  9. Body: Treating white lines and stretch marks.

Contraindications for treatment using the Fraxis technique in Hurghada

We also mentioned that the Secret Skin Technique in Hurghada or the Fraxis Skin Technique is considered a safe procedure. But with the necessity of choosing the best doctor for fraxis sessions in Hurghada. However, there are cases for which doctors do not recommend Fraxis sessions for the skin, such as:

  • Case of skin diseases such as psoriasis or eczema.
  • If you have active acne.
  • There are wounds that have not yet healed.

Secret RF device technique in Hurghada

The importance of Secret RF device appears in its name, as it includes all treatments in one device that works to get rid of most skin problems that affect its beauty and vitality. Fraxis technology is considered one of the latest technologies that have proven its effectiveness in treating skin problems from deep within, as fine needles help radio waves reach the depths of the skin and get rid of various skin problems as well as signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging. In this article, we will tell you all the procedures for Fraxis skin sessions in Hurghada and how to perform the Fraxis technique at Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology.

The first consultation with the doctor for the Fraxis (Secret) technique.

  • Fraxis technology sessions or the Secret RF device Device in Hurghada can be performed in a hospital, clinic or medical center equipped with the latest medical devices and technologies. You must also choose an experienced and competent plastic surgeon who has academic degrees and qualifications. Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology includes the best integrated medical team including a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon. One of the most important things that happens in the first consultation with the plastic surgeon to perform the Fraxis technique in Hurghada at Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology.
  • The doctor will ask you about your medical history, any skin or chronic diseases you suffer from, as well as any medications you take.
  • The plastic surgeon at Nadara Center will examine the skin condition, its problems, and its needs to determine where to perform the Fraxis technique and the number of necessary sessions.
  • You should tell the doctor about the specific skin problems you want to treat and your expectations after the sessions.
  • The doctor will tell you what results to expect and what side effects you will experience.

Preparations before the Fraxis session in Hurghada

  • The skin or the target area should not be exposed to harmful sunlight.
  • Stop taking blood thinners or anti-inflammatories.
  • Avoid doing a tanning or skin tanning session before the Fraxis technique session in Hurghada.
  • Do not apply cosmetics or skin care creams to the face.
  • If you are a smoker, you must stop smoking about two weeks before the session.

Secret RF device session in Hurghada

The Fraxis Duo session in Hurghada may take approximately 10 to 40 minutes, depending on each case and the area of the targeted area. The doctor will then evaluate the case and determine the appropriate duration. The steps for a Secret Facial session in Hurghada include the following:

  1. The doctor cleans and sterilizes the skin well with a medical solution.
  2. The doctor applies a local anesthetic cream to the targeted area to avoid feeling pain, tingling from fine gold needles, or heat.
  3. The plastic surgeon at Nadara Clinic determines the length of the needles as well as the energy level according to the condition of the skin and the desired results.
  4. The plastic surgeon at Nadara Clinic places the handle of the Fraxis Duo device on the skin so that the fine needles enter deep into the skin on a regular basis at the same time as the RF radio waves arrive.
  5. In the case of using the Fraxis Duo device, the doctor uses the head equipped with a fractional laser on the same areas that were treated with fine needles and radiofrequency.
  6. Finally, the doctor applies a moisturizing cream to moisturize the skin and keep it from dryness or inflammation. Sometimes a serum is applied to nourish the skin.

Side effects after a Secret RF facial session in Hurghada

Some side effects occur, but they are temporary and end within days. However, you must follow the instructions of the plastic surgeon at Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology. The most important effects after a session of Secret Facial Technology in Hurghada are:

  • Redness in the area treated with Fraxis, which disappears within hours.
  • Swelling of the target area.
  • The appearance of peels on the skin disappears within days.
  • Some drops of blood appear as a result of fine needles penetrating the surface of the skin.
Fraxis Duo Sessions Doctor's instructions after the session

After performing Fraxis sessions in Hurghada, you must follow the instructions of the plastic surgeon so that complications do not occur. The Nadahara Center also includes the best cosmetic doctors with experience and skill in skin care. Among the most important instructions of the Secret Skin Device doctor in Hurghada are the following:

  1. Avoid washing your face for two or three hours after the session.
  2. Protect the skin from the sun's rays. You can wear a hat or apply sunscreen after consulting a doctor.
  3. Do not touch or rub the skin to avoid infection or inflammation.
  4. Avoid bathing with hot water or hot steam, such as a sauna.
  5. Do not try to remove the crusts yourself to avoid complications.
  6. You should drink large amounts of water to maintain skin moisture and prevent dryness.
  7.  Consult your doctor about the best moisturizer that suits your skin after the Fraxis session in Hurghada at Nadara Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic Clinic.
  8. Avoid taking any medications unless you consult a plastic surgeon.
  9. You should not apply creams, skin care products, or cosmetics to the treated area during the recovery period.

Number of Fraxis treatment sessions in Hurghada

The number of Secret sessions in Hurghada or the Secret skin device in Hurghada varies according to several factors, the most important of which is the condition of the skin and the extent of its damage, as well as the age of the patient and the type of problems that the skin suffers from. In addition, the skin's response to treatment with the Fraxis technique varies from one person to another. This is what the plastic surgeon evaluates at Nadara Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic Clinic in Hurghada and the Red Sea. The number of Fraxis sessions for the skin usually ranges from 3 to 5 sessions, but each session must be separated by about a month to renew skin cells.

Results of the Fraxis technique before and after

You will notice the difference after performing the Fraxis technique session before and after the procedure, but there will be temporary side effects of swelling and redness that will disappear within days. It begins to stimulate the skin to renew its cells and get rid of impurities and various skin problems. Results often appear 4 weeks after the first session and continue to improve gradually with increased collagen and elastin production and skin hydration until they appear after three months. However, this depends on the condition of the skin damage, as it often requires more sessions, ranging from 3 to 5 sessions, until the final results are achieved.

Do the results of the Secret Facial technique last?

Yes, the results of the Fraxis technique in Hurghada last for up to 1 to 3 months. By continuing to perform the sessions as prescribed by the plastic surgeon, you will last longer and enjoy better skin free of acne scars and stretch marks. The skin will be tightened and pigmentation will be eliminated at the same time with the best Fraxis skin technology doctors in Hurghada at Nadara Clinic Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic Clinic.

Advantages of Secret RF device in Hurghada

There are many advantages to the Fraxis skin technique in Hurghada, as it is considered an ideal and effective procedure compared to other skin care sessions. Among the most important features of Secret Technology in Hurghada are the following:

  • Fraxis (Secret) technology is a technology approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • A safe technology with no risks and no cracks or other damage to the skin.
  • The results of the Fraxis skin technique in Hurghada are accurate and effective.
  • A quick procedure that takes only 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of the targeted area.
  • It eliminates the need for facial plastic surgery.
  • Treating the skin from the outside and inside using one device in a short time.
  • Secret facial technology is suitable for all skin types.
  • It treats a large number of skin problems using one device, such as signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines, skin pigmentation, sagging skin, stretch marks, and prominent capillaries.
  • Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to renew skin cells and increase its elasticity and freshness.
  • Short recovery period, as the patient can return to his normal activities.

Is the Secret RF technique painful?

The secret technique is not painful, but there is a possibility of feeling micro-needle pricks, especially as they go deep into the skin by approximately 5.5 to 3.5 mm and are accompanied by the heat of RF radio waves, followed by laser. Therefore, the doctor prefers to use local anesthesia so that the patient does not feel any pain, even a slight one, and so that the session passes without pain, especially for those with sensitive skin that feels more pain. But in the end, its benefits are many compared to the small amount of pain you feel.

The best beauty clinic for Fraxis skin sessions in Hurghada

If you are looking for the best clinic, hospital, or medical center to perform secret facial sessions in Hurghada, then Nadahara Clinic is the ideal place. It includes the best cosmetic doctors with high certificates and qualifications, as well as specialists in conducting skin care sessions. They also have experience, skill, and extreme precision in using the Fraxis device or the Secret Skin Device in Hurghada to achieve amazing results. In addition, the Nadhara Center includes the latest technologies and advanced devices to guarantee you treatment with the technology that suits your condition at the hands of the best cosmetic experts and the best plastic surgeon in Hurghada and the Red Sea.

You can also verify the competence and skill of the doctors at Nadara Clinic in Hurghada by searching for Nadara website or the Nadara page on social networking sites. Where you can read reviews of previous patients who underwent treatment with the Fraxis or Secret technique at Nadara Clinic. You can also read their opinions about the level of service and the efficiency of doctors. You can also see pictures and verify the final results after treatment at the Nadara Center.

In the end, the Secret RF technology for the face or Fraxis for the skin is an unparalleled technology in the world of cosmetics. Therefore, the Fraxis device guarantees getting rid of all skin problems and signs of aging and enjoying a uniform skin color and a more youthful glow. But you must choose the best plastic surgeons in Hurghada to perform Fraxis sessions at Nadara Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic Clinic.


  1. How can I book an appointment for the Secret RF device in Hurghada?

    You can contact us or send WhatsApp And book as soon as possible with the best plastic surgeons in Egypt at the Nadhara Center, the best hair transplant center in Egypt in Hurghada, the Red Sea.

  2. When do the results of the facial secret appear?

    The results of the Secret facial sessions begin to appear immediately after the session, but with some side effects. However, within days the side effects disappear and the skin begins to renew cells. The results appear within a month and gradually improve within 3 months.

  3. What is Face Secret?

    Secret, or also called Fraxis Duo, is a non-surgical cosmetic device that relies on integrating three technologies at the same time: fine gold needle technology that penetrates deep into the skin, Frequency RF technology, and fractional co2 laser technology.

  4. What are the benefits of the Fraxis facial technique?

    Fraxis Duo technology works to treat all skin problems from deep within, as it gets rid of pigmentation, acne effects, and scars. In addition to unifying skin tone and getting rid of white stretch marks, as well as tightening the skin and restoring its youth by getting rid of signs of aging.

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