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Some have trouble with their ears; In size, shape or position, that is why nadara Dermatology, Laser and Aesthetic Center in Hurghada offers safe ear aesthetics.

Offers a nadara center for dermatology, laser and beauty in Hurghada OtoplastyOtoplasty, which can correct protruding or deformed ears for children and adults, while plastic surgery to correct protruding or deformed ears is usually performed at the age of 6, adults can undergo surgery at any age to correct an unfavorable shape of the ears. Corrective ear surgery is generally an exceptionally safe and successful procedure for improving appearance and self-confidence.

What is otoplasty?

Ear correction surgery, or otoplasty, reshapes part of the cartilage in the ears, allowing them to lie close to the side of the head. Most people who have otoplasty are between the ages of 4 and 14, and this is because the cartilage in the ear is softer and easier to form at this age. However, otoplasty can still be effective in adults.

Otoplasty can also alter large, elongated earlobes or lobes with large folds. Plastic surgeons can even construct new ears for people who were born without them or who have lost them to an injury.

Who is a good candidate for Otoplasty?

Ear surgery is available for patients who feel ashamed of the appearance of their ears. Unlike many forms of plastic surgery, ear surgery is most commonly performed on children and teens. Parents often choose otoplasty as a way for their children to avoid the possibility of living with very large or protruding ears.

Available for adults who are unhappy with the shape, size or position of their ears, ear surgery may be appropriate for you if you are in good general health and have large, disproportionate or prominent ears.

Things to consider before ear plastic surgery

Before you choose to have ear correction surgery, some important things to consider include:

  • Even when only one ear appears protruding, surgery is usually done on both ears to achieve better balance.
  • Exact symmetry is unlikely. Similar to natural ears, the position of the ears after ear surgery will not match up perfectly.
  • Smokers are at an increased risk of complications. To reduce the risk of complications, and to maintain your overall health and well-being, try to quit smoking before having surgery.

What is the best time to have an ear surgery?

nadara Center for Dermatology, Laser and Aesthetics in Hurghada recommends ear surgery after the ears are fully grown, but when the child is still young. Generally the first grade is the best time, and there are two reasons to have ear surgery at an early age:

  • First, ear cartilage is very flexible in children and can be reshaped more easily.
  • Second, performing the operation at an early age can prevent the embarrassment that children with dysmorphic ears often experience.

How does ear plastic surgery work?

While this is a surgical procedure, it is a fairly simple process. Otoplasty usually takes about an hour per ear, or two hours for the entire surgical procedure, as it can be done under local anesthesia, although general anesthesia is often recommended, especially for children.

An incision in the natural folds of the ear or behind the ear allows access to the cartilage that makes up the structure of the ear. During this surgery, the cartilage or skin may be cut to make the ears smaller, and ears that protrude away from the head can be reattached using internal sutures.

Recovery time after ear surgery

The initial recovery period takes about a week. During this time, side effects such as swelling, bruising and pain are common. Patients who have had ear surgery in the Hurghada area are required to wear surgical dressings on the ears for several days; To support the contours of new ear tissue.

A soft headband provides extra protection while sleeping, as some patients find it difficult to sleep in the first few days, especially if they are used to sleeping on their sides. Most patients return to work or school within a week or less, although strenuous exercise should be avoided for two to three weeks.

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The long-term view after ear surgery

Over time, any swelling will disappear. In most cases, ear surgery is left behind a scar Dullness on the back of the ear that fades over the course of 18 months or so. Once you have ear surgery, the results are permanent. However, the ear cartilage is very flexible, so there is always some forward movement of the ears after the procedure.

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Are there non-surgical alternatives to otoplasty?

Unfortunately, as of now, there are no effective non-surgical solutions for protruding ears, as there are many products on the market that offer temporary benefit. However, long-wearing adhesives have been shown to be inconsistent and can cause skin irritation.

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Tired of feeling ashamed of your uneven or protruding ears? Do you wish your ears were smaller or closer to your head? If so, it may be surgery Otoplasty (Otoplasty) It is the solution, so contact us, we are a nadara center for dermatology, laser and cosmetology in Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate.

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