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Breast augmentation with autologous fat

Breast augmentation with autologous fat is one of the most popular breast augmentation operations. Some women resort to it due to dissatisfaction with the shape and size of the breast, while this procedure is necessary in some medical cases.

Breast augmentation with autologous fat is one of the most popular breast augmentation procedures.

Some women resort to it due to dissatisfaction with the shape and size of the breast, while this procedure is necessary in some medical cases.

Specialists in plastic surgery at the Freshness Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic and Laser in Hurghada are working to give you the best results.

In this article, we will learn about the procedures for this process, and what are its advantages? Does it have side effects or not?

What is the process of breast augmentation with autologous fat?

It is defined as a treatment that uses autologous stem cells with lipids, platelet-rich plasma, and growth factors.

This type of operation helps to show the breasts with an amazing and natural appearance 100%.

It is a minimally invasive procedure to quickly treat scarring and does not require foreign bodies such as breast implants to re-establish volume.

It can be used by women who have undergone the following conditions:

  • Radical mastectomy.
  • Total mastectomy.
  • Nipple sparing (subcutaneous mastectomy).
  • Prophylactic mastectomy.
  • Repair of breast ripples.

Stem cells with breast reconstruction use body fat or fatty tissue, especially belly fat, flanks, or thighs.

100 mm to 400 mm of fat can be removed through a procedure called mini liposuction.

After that, the fat is treated in the cell laboratory to isolate and extract stem cells, then the surgeon works at the Freshness Center to concentrate these cells.

Freshly grafted fat and expanded stem cells as well as growth factors improve overall fat survival.

This leads to much better results with more care.

The stem cells will undergo concentration using PRP elements, and then this mixture is carefully injected into multiple areas around the breast tissue.

The fat is injected through small, circular incisions made by the plastic surgeon at a freshness center, and then closed immediately after the injection is completed.

This process only takes about 60 to 90 minutes.

Advantages of breast augmentation with autologous fat

There are several advantages to this process, including:

  • It does not leave scars or cracks in the skin.
  • It gives very effective results.
  • There is no risk of any complications.
  • The recovery time is shorter than with other breast augmentation procedures.
  • There is no risk of infection as the fat is taken from the same body.
  • You can restore the shape of your breasts after losing weight or breastfeeding.
  • The liposuctioned fat can be stored and used at a later time (within 3 months).

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Persons eligible for breast augmentation surgery

  • Women with small breasts.
  • This process may be part of your breast cancer treatment.
  • Women who are in good health and do not suffer from any diseases.
  • Women who suffer from sagging breasts with asymmetry between the breasts.

Instructions before operation

The plastic surgeons at the Freshness Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic and Laser in Hurghada, after a thorough medical examination, recommend the following:

  • Stop taking any kind of medication or vitamins that can thin the blood, such as aspirin, Advil, and naproxen.
  • Tell the plastic surgeon at the Freshness Center if you have any medical conditions.
  • Stop drinking alcohol.
  • You can take some pain medication before the procedure to reduce pain.

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Instructions after breast augmentation with autologous fat

Following your breast augmentation care instructions helps you recover faster, with less pain, and less discomfort after breast surgery.

These instructions include:

  • Take medications prescribed by a plastic surgeon to avoid sudden increase in pain.
  • You can take some medicines for bruising and swelling.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Rest with your back supported by pillows to reduce pain and swelling.
  • Medical bandages should be maintained, in addition to wearing certain medical bras.
  • Don't lift heavy objects or engage in activities that strain your chest muscles.
  • Don't take anti-inflammatory medications until about two weeks after surgery.
  • Massage the breast about a week after the operation to increase blood circulation.
  • Avoid saunas and exposure to hot water. 
  • Avoid straining and inappropriate movements of the upper extremities for up to a week after the procedure.
  • Pay attention to your healthy diet, as if you are trying to lose weight, fat cells may shrink due to lack of nutrients.

Results of breast augmentation with autologous fat

Recovery is usually longer than with implants, because patients undergo liposuction.

Most patients recover within 7 to 10 days, and you can see results quickly and your breasts appear larger than they normally would be.

You can return to work about a week after the operation.

The results of this procedure last for a very long time while adhering to the instructions recommended by your surgeon.

While the results can be affected with non-compliance with the instructions.

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Disadvantages of breast augmentation with autologous fat

  • It does not correct the sagging breast and therefore you need another operation to raise it.
  • Breast augmentation through fat injection cannot be done directly after removing existing breast implants as a means of exchange.
  • You must first remove the implants and wait another year for the breast tissue to heal before you can have a stem cell graft.
  • Some of the grafted fat can be absorbed or transformed into scar tissue depending on the density and integrity of the breast with the quality of the fat, which requires additional surgery.
  • You can only perform this operation if you have enough fat, so women who are in high shape with minimal fat are not candidates.
  • Fat may not have enough blood nutrition, so not all transplanted stem cells may survive.
  • It can affect the results when you have a mammogram, so cancer can't be diagnosed.

Is breast augmentation with autologous fat safe?

This operation is completely safe when consulting a surgeon at the Freshness Center for Dermatology, Aesthetics and Laser in Hurghada.

Your doctor will determine whether you are a good candidate for this procedure or not. According to your health condition and after all medical examinations that prove it.

It may also reshape your ideal shape and size, depending on your age and breast shape.

Is the process of breast augmentation with self-fat painful?

This procedure does not cause any kind of pain, but if you feel a little uncomfortable, take some pain medication.

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Does breast augmentation have any side effects?

This process does not cause any kind of side effects and is completely safe.

It can only cause some redness and bruising at the site of liposuction or injection.

But all these signs disappear within one week.

Is autologous fat injection for breast augmentation permanent?

The body can absorb endogenous fats within only two months according to the body's activity, and these fats continue to function efficiently for a long time.

So do not worry, dear, as this process gives effective results that may reach tens of years.

Breast augmentation cost

The cost varies according to how often the fat is suctioned and injected again.

However, we excel at Nadhara Dermatology, Cosmetic and Laser Center in Hurghada by providing our valued customers with medical services at the best prices and offers.

In conclusion, breast augmentation with self-fat is one of the easiest operations that increases breast size, and it does not cause side effects, visit our medical center and enjoy an attractive breast.

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