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Scalp reduction surgery

Scalp reduction surgery is the best solution if you suffer from excessive hair loss or androgenetic alopecia. The plastic surgeons at the Freshness Center for Dermatology, Aesthetics and Laser in Hurghada perform this surgery in complete safety, and you will get great results.

 Scalp reduction surgery is the best solution if you suffer from excessive hair loss or androgenetic alopecia.

The plastic surgeons at the Freshness Center for Dermatology, Aesthetics and Laser in Hurghada perform this surgery completely safely, and you will get great results.

In this article, we will learn about why some people resort to scalp reduction surgery, and what are its risks?

What is scalp reduction surgery?

Scalp surgery is a type of procedure used in both men and women to treat hair loss.

This surgery aims to treat baldness, especially in the upper part of the hair, and involves moving the skin of the scalp that contains hair to cover the balding areas.

The skin on both sides of the head may be pulled and sutured together if baldness affects the top of the head.

 Who are the Candidates for Scalp Reduction Surgery?

Scalp reduction surgery can be an effective treatment for baldness, but it's not an option for everyone, depending on the cause of the hair loss.

 Doctors of plastic surgery at the Freshness Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic and Laser in Hurghada recommend starting with medications that can help stimulate hair growth.

These include:

  • minoxidil (Rogaine)

It is a topical medication that stimulates hair growth and slows hair loss, and is available in liquid or foam form that is applied directly to the scalp in areas with significant thinning.

  • Finasteride

Taken by mouth, it prevents the conversion of testosterone to DHT (the hormone that causes male pattern baldness).

 But surgery is the best solution if these treatments don't work for you.

Other conditions that make a person a good candidate for scalp reduction surgery include:

  • If there is a head wound that has damaged hair follicles, the doctor will remove this wound and then work on joining both sides of the hair so that it looks natural.
  • In the case of severe burns that affected the scalp and led to its damage, here the doctor can treat this damage with surgery, and then work to bring the hair closer.
  • The skin on your scalp has enough elasticity to extend to other parts of your head.
  • There is hair on the sides and back of the head.
  • Hair loss can be age-related or genetic.
  • Suitable for men over the age of 40 with grade 4, 5 or 6 hair loss.

 Are there advantages to this surgery?

There are many advantages to this surgery, including the following:

It can create the appearance of thicker hair than it otherwise would be especially for people who are experiencing significant hair loss.

Scalp reduction often leads to a convincing and aesthetically pleasing result.

The hair used to cover the scalp comes from the back and sides of the head, and this hair is more resistant to DHT.

This surgery is completely safe and has minimal risk.

When does scalp reduction surgery succeed?

There are cases that cannot perform this surgery, including the following:

  • People with multiple bald spots around the scalp, even if they are small.
  • If temporary hair loss is due to illness, stress or hormonal fluctuations.

Before having surgery, you should work with your doctor to make sure there is no underlying condition causing hair loss.

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 Surgery steps

Your surgeon will start you under general anesthesia, then surgically remove the bald portion of your scalp.

Loosen the skin in the areas where your hair is next, then pull it up to cover the bald part that was removed.

The most common step is to remove the skin from the areas of the scalp affected with a pattern male pattern baldness In the shape of an oval or triangular.

It can also be s or m shaped.

If you are considering a scalp reduction surgery, your plastic surgeon - at Nudra Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Center in Hurghada - will choose the most effective type of incision.

This is determined by the pattern of hair loss or scalp laxity (how tight or loose your skin feels), and other factors determined by your doctor.

This surgery aims to remove as much of the hairless scalp as possible, while protecting and preserving the skin that contains the hair.

 Finally, the plastic surgeon closes these places with sutures to keep them in place, covering the affected area.

This surgery can be combined with other surgeries such as hair transplant surgery Which allows hair transplantation so that you get additional coverage for the affected area.

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Expected results of scalp reduction surgery

 You do not need to stay in the medical center much, you can leave immediately after checking on your health, and the stitches can be removed only one week after the surgery.

 But this surgery requires a period of recovery to allow your body to heal.

The hair that was transferred to the top of your head may look a little different than it did before surgery, and it may also start growing in a different direction.

You may notice that your hair appears thinner during the recovery period, and some may fall out, but this is very normal and nothing to worry about.

 According to recent studies, hair can fall out for about 6 weeks after surgery, and it may take another six weeks for new hair to grow.

If you start losing more hair as you age, the effects of surgery can be counteracted.

But don't worry, Freshness Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic and Laser in Hurghada has the best plastic surgeons who will achieve impressive results.

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Postoperative instructions

Doctors recommend avoiding major physical activity for 3 weeks after surgery, and you may also need to take a few days off work.

Hair can be washed a day or two after surgery.

The prescribed medication should be taken to avoid any pain.

As much as possible, try to keep your head slightly elevated to reduce swelling.

Are there risks of scalp reduction surgery?

Any surgery can have some risks, and this surgery can cause:

  • Infection.
  • Tingling sensation.
  • swelling;
  • feeling numb
  • Temporary hair loss.
  • Bleeding around the stretched skin plaques.
  • The occurrence of some scars.

Other ways to treat hair loss

hair transplant surgery

It is a cosmetic procedure that involves removing hair from the back and sides of the scalp and then transplanting it into the hairline, crown, or other parts of your scalp.

Hair transplants can vary in size. If you suffer from severe hair loss, you may need to harvest several thousand hairs and transplant them.

If the hairline is only slightly receding, you may need fewer hairs to transplant.

Why choose a skin, cosmetic and laser center in Hurghada for this surgery? 

The medical center includes the best plastic surgeons and dermatologists who are keen to provide the latest methods of treatment for hair loss, whether with medications, surgery, mesotherapy injections, or hair plasma sessions according to the needs of the case.

Finally, you can have the scalp reduction surgery done in a rejuvenation center to get great results.

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Scalp reduction surgery

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