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Double chin treatment in Hurghada

Do you want to get Double chin treatment in Hurghada in a safe way? Nadara Clinic provides you with the best doctors for surgical and non-surgical treatments

The double chin is a common thing that causes an unpleasant appearance, whether for men or women, as it indicates an enlarged face and suggests weight gain or advanced age. Therefore, Nadara Clinic provides you with the best methods of double chin removal in Hurghada with the best double chin removal doctors in Hurghada. Where there is the best qualified medical team with the highest scientific degrees and practical experience in cosmetic and dermatology medicine, as well as surgery. Nadara clinic also keeps pace with modern global technologies used in double chin treatment.

What is a double chin?

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Double chin or double chin is the appearance of another chin below the natural chin of the face. Which makes the person appear as if they have two chins. This arises as a result of the accumulation of fat under the skin of the jaw in a way that leads to its sagging to appear in such a way. But you don't have to worry anymore, as Nadara clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology in Hurghada provides you with many ways to remove a double chin. After diagnosing the condition and the causes of your double chin, your plastic surgeon will determine the best method for your condition. There are many methods, such as skin tightening, collagen stimulation, or liposuction.

Reasons for the occurrence of a double chin

In order for any disease to be treated, it must be well diagnosed to find out the cause of its occurrence, and this is what the best double chin removal doctors in Hurghada do. Among the most important reasons for the occurrence of a double chin, which the doctor at Nadara Clinic will tell you are the following:

1- Weight gain

Weight gain is the most important reason for the appearance of a double chin, as subcutaneous fat accumulates in all parts of the body. This includes the skin of the jaw where fat accumulates just below the jaw. Therefore, you must be careful to gain weight and follow a healthy diet suitable for the nature of your body, and there is the best nutritionist in Nadara Clinic.

2-Body position

Wrong sitting positions affect the appearance of the chin, especially if it has been a habit for a long time. As the head tilt forward is one of the worst of these positions, so care must be taken to always straighten the back and raise the head in a natural way that does not affect its appearance. These positions also cause neck pain.

3- The genetic factor

Genetic genes are among the influences on the shape of the face in general, and they are the ones that cause the appearance of a certain structure that helps in the appearance of this chin. But there are no genes for a double chin, but rather genes such as the shape of the bone and the ability to accumulate jaw fat.

4- Aging

Ageing leads to many effects on the complexion and skin as the skin loses its elasticity and becomes more saggy with the passage of time. This leads to sagging of the skin of the lower jaw.

5- The shape of the face

Some people may have a face shape that makes the double chin appear very visible.

6-Bad habits

There are bad habits that increase the possibility of a double chin, such as unhealthy eating and smoking. Exposure to the sun for long periods of time is also one of the factors that make the skin lose its elasticity over time, sag, and a second chin appears.

7-Weak jaw muscles

It is not only obesity and jaw fat that cause the appearance of dimples, but also weak jaw muscles cause its appearance in people who do not suffer from excess weight.

Indications for double chin removal in Hurghada

There are many reasons that require medical intervention to get rid of a double chin, such as:

  • The occurrence of breathing problems during sleep as a result of the chin.
  • Lack of self-confidence as a result of its existence.
  • Improve the appearance of the chin and neck.
  • Restore skin youthfulness and youthful appearance.

Getting ready for double chin removal in Hurghada

  • You must choose a medical center equipped with the highest level, as well as the best chin plastic surgery doctor. All this you will find at Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology in Hurghada and the Red Sea.
  • Tell the doctor your medical history and any medications you're taking.
  • The cosmetic and dermatologist at Nadara Clinic will conduct a comprehensive clinical examination with some tests and blood tests.
  • Pictures and measurements of the chin area will be taken to evaluate the outcome and success of the operation.
  • You must stop taking blood thinners so that this does not lead to bleeding.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Do not apply cosmetics and skin care products.
  • Do not take nutritional supplements or vitamins before the chin removal operation.
  • Not being exposed to sunlight for a long time

Different Double chin treatments in Hurghada

There are many ways to get rid of a double chin, whether surgical or non-surgical, as each case requires a different treatment. This is what will be diagnosed and determined by the best skin removal doctors in Hurghada at Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology. Among the most important of these methods are the following:

First: dissolving fat and chin slimming needles

This technology is based on Fat melting as well as getting rid of fatty pockets that accumulate subcutaneous fat. Double chin treatment with HIFU contains deoxycholic acid, which works to dissolve fat, and the patient may need more than one session, depending on each case. However, the process of melting chin fat with acupuncture usually takes about six sessions, and at least one month should separate each session from the other.

Steps to melt fat and remove double chin in Hurghada

  • Clean the area that will be treated to prevent infection.
  • The doctor at Nadara Clinic in Hurghada draws points to mark the area that will be injected to dissolve fat.
  • Anesthesia of the target area with local anesthesia.
  • The plastic surgeon injects the double chin with certain substances that dissolve jaw fat.
  • One session may take about 25 to 50 injections, depending on each case.

Second: laser chin sculpting and double chin removal in Hurghada

Laser chin sculpting is one of the popular techniques today, as it is used in cases of double chin and sagging skin. Where the laser helps to tighten the skin, which helps in getting rid of sagging and all signs of aging. The laser chin sculpting technique relies on the use of laser beams to stimulate collagen production through heat. Collagen, in turn, helps regenerate skin cells, as well as tighten the skin to get rid of sagging. The rays also help break down the fat accumulated under the skin of the jaw and dissolve it.

Laser chin sculpting steps in Hurghada

  1. The session begins with cleaning the chin well.
  2. The plastic surgeon at Nadara clinic fpr Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology will give you glasses to protect your eyes from laser radiation.
  3. The doctor shines laser beams on the chin, from the bottom of the mouth to the chin and neck.
  4. In some cases, the plastic surgeon may make an incision below the chin and implant silicone to lengthen the chin slightly, which hides the extra chin.
  5. While in other cases, the plastic surgery doctor may, at the end of the laser session, after dissolving the fat, make an incision to tighten the relaxed muscle through it. Then he closes the incision with sutures.

Third, sculpting and slimming the chin by cooling CoolSclupting

Double chin treatment in Hurghada
Double chin treatment in Hurghada

CoolSculpting is a fat freezing technique used to reduce localized fat in different areas of the body. In some cases, it may be used to reduce the size of a double chin. The device used in CoolSculpting technology freezes fat cells in a specific area, and they are gradually removed through the body's lymphatic system. In addition, you will most likely not need more than one session. The cosmetic and dermatologist at Nadara Clinic in Hurghada will first diagnose your condition and then determine if CoolSculpting is appropriate to obtain the desired results.

Steps to sculpt and slim the chin by cooling

  1. The chin and lower mouth area are well sterilized.
  2. The doctor locates the area where the fat accumulates in order to get rid of it.
  3. The dermatologist applies a gel to the area around the specific area where the fat has accumulated to protect it from the low temperature.
  4. Cooling is done by applying the device to the skin while maintaining a low temperature that may reach -11 degrees Celsius. Where fat cells are frozen in the specified area.
  5. Then gradually warm the area by massaging this area slowly for several minutes.
  6. In the end, a week after the session, the lymphatic system will get rid of the fat that has been cooled and will leave the body.
  7. The session may take around 30 to 60 minutes depending on each case.
The final result of Chin Cooling Sculpting

The result of the session often appears after 6 weeks or 3 months, depending on each case and the amount of fat accumulated.

Fourth: micro-needling with mesotherapy to tighten the skin of the double chin

Microneedling with Mesotherapy It is a treatment used to improve the appearance of the skin and tighten the skin. In this treatment, a small applicator containing several small needles is gently passed over the skin, while nutrients such as vitamins and amino acids are injected into the skin. The goal of this treatment is to stimulate the skin to produce more collagen elastin and improve skin texture. This leads to an improvement in the appearance and firmness of the skin. This treatment can be used on the entire face, including the chin area. However, a highly experienced plastic and dermatologist must be chosen, as deoxycholic acid is injected into the skin, which requires extreme precision. Therefore, in Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology, there is the best dermatologist and plastic surgeon in Egypt.

Steps to perform micro-needling with mesotherapy injections

  1. The skin is thoroughly cleansed with an appropriate antiseptic.
  2. The anesthesiologist will numb the area to be treated with an anesthetic ointment.
  3. Microneedling is where microneedles are passed over the skin in circular motions to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin and improve its texture.
  4. The dermatologist and cosmetologist in Hurghada injects mesotherapy into the skin under the chin with small needles to increase the freshness and tightening of the skin.
  5. Finally, the area is cooled by applying a cooling cream to the skin after treatment to reduce inflammation and swelling.
The result of acupuncture, mesotherapy and double chin removal in Hurghada

The result of double chin removal sessions in Hurghada varies according to each case, but results often appear after at least 3 sessions.

Fifth: radio frequency therapy

As we mentioned before, there are many techniques that are used to remove the double chin in Hurghada at Nadara Clinic in Hurghada. Radio Frequency technology is a safe way to get rid of excess fat that causes a double chin. This technique is based on the use of frequency waves without pain and without surgery.

Steps for a radiofrequency session to treat a double chin

  1. The doctor sterilizes the target area well.
  2. The RF device is passed on the chin and neck, which stimulates skin tightening and collagen production to get rid of the double chin.
  3. The session usually takes 30 to 90 minutes.
The result of the radiofrequency session

The results of the RF session appear approximately 6 months after the session.

Sixth: Lifting with surgical sutures

The cosmetic thread technique is a very effective technique in removing a double chin, as it relies on medical threads. These medical threads are used under the skin, which helps to tighten and lift the tissues of the face and neck. This technique depends on fixing these threads at the jaw line and then pulling them up, which helps to remove the double chin

Steps to tighten the double chin with cosmetic threads

  1. The entire face is thoroughly cleaned and sterilized.
  2. The anesthesiologist will numb the area well, which helps not to feel discomfort or pain.
  3. A very precise surgical incision is made to insert the sutures with a very fine needle until it reaches the jaw line.
  4. Threads are pulled to lift the facial and chin tissues to get rid of the extra chin.
  5. This chin lift procedure may take only 30 to 45 minutes.
  6. These medical threads dissolve in the skin within 6 months, and collagen production continues for a longer period.
As a result of chin lift with cosmetic threads

The results of the chin lift with threads appear immediately after the procedure, but the final result appears within three months.

Seventh: Double chin treatment with HIFU

HIFU or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is a modern and safe technique that eliminates surgical intervention and its risks. Double chin treatment with HIFU is also the perfect solution for cases where the skin is sagging and the muscles are weak. The HIFU double chin treatment technique aims to stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin, which leads to double chin removal and a more prominent chin.

Steps to treat double chin with HIFU

  1. The skin is first cleansed well.
  2. The plastic surgeon numbs the target area with local anesthesia so that you do not feel pain.
  3. The HIFU device or focused ultrasound is passed on the chin and neck.
  4. This session usually takes 30 to 45 minutes.
The result of the double chin treatment technique with HIFU

The results appear after about 6 weeks of the double chin treatment session with HIFU. While the final results appear after 3 to 4 months.

Eighth: Tighten the double chin with Botox injections

Botox injection technique is based on the use of a substance extracted from toxic bacteria, but a substance used in plastic surgery is extracted. As it works to paralyze the movement of the muscles and not to shrink them, so that sagging and wrinkles do not appear.

 Botox injection steps to tighten sagging chin

  1. The best chin treatment doctor in Hurghada locates injection sites on the chin and neck.
  2. The area is numbed with local anesthesia.
  3. The cosmetic doctor performs Botox injections in the specified places.
  4. The doctor sets the date for the next session to follow up on the results.
The result of Botox injections to tighten sagging chin

The results of the chin lift with Botox appear after three days, after the disappearance of the side effects of the injection, such as swelling and redness.

Ninth: Double chin removal surgery in Hurghada

Double chin removal surgery in Hurghada is one of the solutions that plastic and dermatologists resort to if other methods do not work. Chin surgery is based on completely lifting the chin muscles or liposuction (chin suction). It can be combined with operations Slimming the cheeks and face.

Chin lift operation steps

  1. The chin and neck are first sterilized well.
  2. The anesthesiologist puts general anesthesia in the area to perform the surgery.
  3. A surgical incision is made, but its location differs from one patient to another according to the condition of each patient, such as:
  4. Skin sagging and muscle weakness: an incision is made behind the ear, the muscles are lifted, the excess skin is pulled, and the wound is sutured.
  5. In case of weight gain and fat accumulation: an incision is made under the chin, then chin liposuction, then the wound is re-surgery.
  6. Finally, a bandage is placed on the wound after chin liposuction.
  7. An appointment is made for suture removal and results follow-up.
The result of double chin removal surgery

The results of the surgery appear immediately after double chin removal, chin liposuction and muscle tightening.

Side effects after double chin removal

The temporary side effects of surgically removing a double chin or a non-surgical chin aspiration are similar. But it will go away with following the doctor's instructions, such as:

  1. Swelling of the area
  2. Bruising
  3. The pain is simple.
  4. Redness of the target area.

Instructions after removing a double chin or a double chin in Hurghada

  1. Avoid exposure to the sun or apply sunscreen.
  2. Maintain skin moisture constantly.
  3. Avoid applying cosmetics and care.
  4. Do not touch or press the chin.
  5. Sleep on the back and avoid sleeping on the face.
  6. Drink enough water to maintain the internal hydration of the skin.
  7. Avoid exertion as well as sweating.
  8. Do not move the jaw too much. You may use an aspirator for a week.
  9. Wear a corset around the jaw to maintain the result of liposuction.

In the end, you will find in Nadara Clinic the best treatments For skin care So is the hair. also there is Best plastic surgeon in Hurghada At Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetology in Hurghada and the Red Sea. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us in order to get the best treatments and to reach your goal of treating all skin diseases, as well as performing plastic surgery and laser hair removal with the best dermatology and beauty experts.


  1. How can I book an appointment for double chin treatment in Hurghada?

    You can contact us or send WhatsApp and book the closest time with the best dermatologists and surgeons at Nadara Clinic for Dermatology, laser and cosmetology in Hurghada.

  2. What is the cause of a double chin?

    One of the most important causes of double chin is weight gain, sagging skin, as well as fat accumulation and aging.

  3. What is the double chin treatment?

    Nadara Clinic in Hurghada provides you with many ways to remove double chin, such as liposuction, mesotherapy sessions, acupuncture, Botox, as well as fat melting, HIFU sessions, and surgery. The dermatologist will choose the appropriate treatment for your condition according to the cause of the double chin.

  4. When will the results of chin fat removal appear?

    The results of liposuction appear after about 6 weeks, while the final results appear after 6 months.

  5. How much does double chin surgery cost?

    Liposuction to remove a double chin costs from 3,000 to 15,000 Egyptian pounds.

  6. When do I remove the corset after liposuction?

    You can remove the corset 7 days after the ligament surgery.

  7. When will the chin HIFU results appear?

    The results of HIFU appear after about two to three months, and collagen building continues to improve the complexion.

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