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Tighten the sagging of the vagina | Causes and symptoms

Vaginal sagging can be tightened in different ways in women who have undergone vaginal deliveries or when they have reached menopause. Freshness Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic and Laser in Hurghada offers the latest methods for tightening vaginal sagging without feeling any pain.

Vaginal sagging can be tightened in different ways in women who have undergone vaginal deliveries or when they have reached menopause.

Freshness Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic and Laser in Hurghada offers the latest methods for tightening vaginal sagging without feeling any pain.

You can continue reading this article to learn about the causes of vaginal sagging, its symptoms, and what are the treatment methods?

What are vaginal sagging?

This condition occurs when the vagina descends from its normal position in the body, and the vagina, also known as the birth canal, is the tunnel that connects the uterus to the outside of a woman's body.

It is located in the pelvic area, and such organs can be held in place by muscles and other tissues.

These muscles come together to create a supporting structure throughout the female's life, but this support structure can begin to weaken for several reasons.

The result is in the end sagging of the organs, which can be small and called incomplete, or it may be large and in which part of the organ sticks out of the body.

When complete prolapse occurs, you may need to tighten your vagina significantly.

Causes of vaginal sagging

There are some common causes of vaginal prolapse, including:

  • Birth

A vaginal delivery increases the risk of prolapse more than a cesarean delivery.

It is also believed that the more children a woman has, as well as having a large baby, the greater the risk of flabbiness.

  • Surgery

A procedure such as a hysterectomy or radiation therapy to the pelvic area can cause vaginal prolapse.

  • Menopause

During menopause, the ovaries stop producing the hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle, especially estrogen, which is necessary to keep the pelvic muscles strong.

When the body does not produce as much of this hormone as before, the pelvic muscles may weaken and the prolapse may develop significantly.

  • aging

The body is more prone to sagging in the vaginal area with age.

  • Increased physical activity or lifting heavy objects

The stress of being overactive can also weaken the pelvic muscles, thus allowing the vagina to sag.

  • Some genetic factors

Weak pelvic floor muscles can run through the family, causing prolapse, so you need a vaginal tightening.

Other conditions that cause pressure on the abdominal area and cause sagging of the vagina include:

  • overweight.
  • Straining to have a bowel movement.
  • Having a chronic cough, as is the case in smokers or asthmatics.

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Vaginal sagging symptoms

Often, you may not feel any symptoms of prolapse.

However, upon medical examination at Nadara Skin, Cosmetic and Laser Center in Hurghada, the plastic surgeon can identify it if you experience symptoms such as:

  • Feeling of fullness, heaviness, or pain in the pelvic area, which often gets worse with the passage of the day or after standing.
  • lower back pain.
  • Vaginal distension.
  • Organs coming out of the vagina.
  • Urinary leakage, or incontinence.
  • Cystitis.
  • difficulty defecation
  • Pain during intercourse.
  • Problems inserting tampons.

Types of vaginal sagging

Many organs in the pelvic area can move out of place and lead to vaginal sagging. Different types may include:

  • Vaginal vault prolapse

The upper part of the vagina (known as the vaginal vault) hangs down the vaginal canal, usually in women who have had the uterus removed.

  • uterine prolapse

Sometimes the uterus bulges or slides into the vagina until it comes out of the vaginal opening.

  • cystocele

In this case, the bladder falls into the vagina, causing sagging.

  • urethrocele

The urethra (the tube that carries urine away from the bladder) bulges into the vagina, and the cystocele and urethrocele are often present together.

  • rectocele

The rectum increases in size inside or outside the vagina.

  • Enterocele

The small intestine bulges against the back wall of the vagina, usually with vaginal vault prolapse.

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How can sagging vagina be treated?

Treatment can vary depending on the severity of the prolapse. In some cases, the esthetician may want to monitor the prolapse over time to make sure it doesn't get worse.

There are surgical or non-surgical vaginal tightening treatments that are very similar to the treatment options for uterine prolapse.

Treatment also depends on several factors that can be taken into account, including:

  • The general health of the patient or if she has any other serious medical conditions.
  • If you want to have a baby in the future.
  • the age.

Some treatment choices may indicate an inability to become pregnant or have intercourse.

Therefore, any questions or concerns regarding these treatments can be discussed with a plastic surgeon.

Specific nonsurgical treatment options can include:

  • Kegel exercises

Pelvic muscles can be strengthened by doing these exercises. All you have to do is tighten the pelvic muscles as if you were trying to hold back urine.

Tighten the muscles for a few seconds and then release them. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times.

You can do this up to 4 times a day, and these exercises can be done anywhere.

In more serious cases, surgical options include:

  • Vaginal vault suspension

This procedure involves attaching the vagina to the ligaments inside the pelvis that were used to stabilize it, and this surgery is through an incision in the vagina.

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HIFU Vaginal Tightening 

HIFU works to tighten vaginal sagging by using ultrasound energy that generates heat in the vagina.

This heat causes damage to the cells of the vagina, which leads to the stimulation of collagen production, giving patients a tighter vaginal canal.

The benefits of HIFU vaginal tightening are to improve the appearance of the vagina because it works to tighten it.

It also increases its lubrication thanks to the laser device that emits heat energy that helps relieve pain during sex.

This procedure is safe as it is non-surgical, which reduces the risk of any complications.

It may only cause some side effects such as slight redness or swelling in the vaginal area, but these symptoms are temporary.

These signs do not pose any life-threatening risks and disappear in a very short time.

HIFU vaginal tightening does not require a period of downtime or rest, so you can return to work immediately after the sessions.

It may be necessary to adhere to the aftercare instructions as specified by the beautician at the Freshness Center for Dermatology, Aesthetics and Laser in Hurghada Governorate.

You can follow some instructions as follows:

  • Avoid strenuous exercise, such as intense cardio.
  • Get enough rest time for the body.
  • Not to engage in sexual intercourse two weeks prior to treatment.

In conclusion, the different techniques to tighten the sagging of the vagina may allow you to get rid of all the discomfort caused by laxity in this area.

All you have to do is visit a dermatological, cosmetic and laser center in Hurghada, in the Red Sea.

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